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2018_zdc_h17_2018-2019 7-10-2018 14:17 pagina 026 chassis/frame shocks swingarms/hardtail conversions 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 17 026 chrome swing-arm for shovelhead completely chrome plated swing-arm for all 1973 thru 1983 4-speed harley big twins with final chain drive not just a copy of the oem swing arm but improved and reinforced in the right places all mounting brackets and tabs for mounting the chain guard brake support and shock absorbers are precisely located for a perfect fit comes complete with bearings 099018 fits 1973 thru 1983 big twins oem 47500-73 and 47500-78 wide-ass swingarm kit dyna 1996 thru 2005 this comprehensive wide tire conversion kit enables you to mount a 200 wide rear tire on a 6.25 wide rim tire then measures 220mm in the stock dyna frame and still keep the stock 1 1/8 drive belt without trimming if the wheel is slightly offset even 230 or 250 tires can be used the kit contains everything you need being a raw or black powder coated extra wide swingarm rear wheel axle rear wheel axle adjusters raw or powder coated fender struts that will take an up to 10 1/2 wide fender extended upper shock mounting studs a complete 25mm primary offset kit with a primary spacer ring extended crankshaft extension with extended crankshaft nut extended transmission main shaft extended main drive 5th gear with needle bearings and seal extended belt pulley spacer extended clutch push rod starter jack extension primary-to-transmission spacers and all required hardware to offset your primary swing arm splash guard and spacers to offset the right hand side foot pegs and the exhaust also included are two different brake caliper brackets to allow the use either a 1991 thru 1999 or 2000-2005 stock or aftermarket rear brake caliper the kit contains all parts for 1996-2005 models when you want to use this kit on a 1991-1993 model you will have to order a late style final drive pulley countershaft 5th gear and extended starter jack shaft screw separately installation on 1991 thru 1995 models require custom fabrication of fender struts wheel and fender are not included we offer a wide variety of extra wide fenders tires rims and wheels for use with the wide swingarm these can be found elsewhere in this catalog fits 1996 thru 2005 dyna models 236890 complete kit with raw swingarm 236891 complete kit with black powder coated swingarm hardtail conversion for stock sportster frames these rear frame sections allow for an easy conversion of your stock sportster into a rigid frame made out of bare steel most versions require grinding and welding on the original frame which must be performed by a qualified mechanic seat plate must always be welded in place 781205 weld-on hardtail rear section for 1952 thru 1972 sportster eliminates seat casting area 781206 bolt-on hardtail rear section for 1952 thru 1978 sportster optional parts for use with 1991-1993 style transmissions 237074 counter shaft 5th gear oem 35626-94 741165 25mm extended starter jackshaft screw 1/4 x20unc 193009 late style final drive pulley 32 tooth oem 40250-94 individual parts 238766 238779 700889 236892 raw swingarm with raw fender struts tÃœv approved black swingarm with fender struts tÃœv approved 25mm primary offset kit for 1994-2006 5-speed replacement shock stud kit 781207 hardtail rear section for 1973 thru 1978 sportster weld-on top bolt-on bottom for alignment 781208 hardtail rear section for 1979 thru 1981 sportster weld-on top bolt-on bottom for alignment 781209 hardtail rear section for 1982 thru 2003 sportster weld-on top bolt-on bottom for alignment 781210 hardtail rear section for 2004 to present xl sportster weld-on top bolt-on bottom for alignment