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2018_zdc_h17_2018-2019 7-10-2018 14:15 pagina 005 chassis/frame shocks fat tube frame optional parts 236889 701802 701803 720375 744129 723470 032418 734059 700950 700951 twin cam motor a mount adaptor rsd transmission conversion kit rsd transmission builders kit rsd pulley cover with cable operated clutch actuator chrome rsd hydraulic operated clutch actuator/pulley cover chrome rsd hydraulic operated clutch actuator/pulley cover black transmission mounting plate chrome transmission mounting plate raw steel billet aluminum fender struts raw steel fender struts luggage audio more seats exhaust electric light engine electrics intake engine primary transmission fat tube right side drive frame kit for up to 330 rear tires the fat tube rsd frame is designed to accommodate for the latest extreme wide rear tires such as avon s 300 and 330 frame accepts stock and aftermarket evolution style big twin engines when used in conjunction with zpn236889 motor mount adapter it will also accept a twin cama style engine must be used with right side drive transmission the right side drive frame allows for central mounting of the 330 tire in the frame and keeping a perfect balance in the bike the frame features massive 35mm down tubes and 28mm swing arm tube size in addition we increased the frame side plate thickness from 12 into 15mm providing fat looks that are in balance with the wide rear tire these side plates are stepped at the seat mounting area allowing the use of an evolution softail style seat such as our le pera bare bone seat frame takes up to 12 1/2 wide rsd rear fenders the steering head is raked to 38 degrees this requires a 4 to 6 overstock fork depending on the front wheel and tire size used mounts for side stand and forward controls are welded in place the frame also features a twin cam style oil drain system frame is fully tig welded for superior strength and takes 1987 thru 1999 softail style shock absorbers evolution big twin oil tank flat side gas tank evolution softail style forward controls big twin style steering head bearing cups and custom rear brake calipers with y-bracket 722579 fat tube widetail rsd frame kit final drive wheels tire brake foot control replacement kit parts 722580 237979 722581 782023 722585 236175 722584 238764 238765 widetail rsd frame only stainless steel pivot bolts widetail rsd swingarm only swingarm bearing with circlip each evolution softail 1984-1999 oem 9076 rear wheel axle with nut 3/4 x 470mm rsd belt guard raw steel rsd stainless steel splash guard engine protection plate shock protection plate handlebar kit bikes front suspension chassis frame shocks fenders struts gas tank instrument oil tank filter line fasteners mirrors windshields oil chemicals tools techtips cross ref zpn cross ref zpn page alphabetical index 17 005