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jims balancer shaft bearing remover and installer steering head bearing race tool jims cam cover bushing reamer tool piston pin keeper tool rite on time tool v twins rite on time tool pilot bearing removal installation tool harley davidson 12 mm spark plug indexing tool general motors bushing removal and installation tool jims trap door puller sportster clutch spring compressor jims exhaust stud drill wrist pin bushing reamer jims exhaust stud drill fixture sidewinder engine service manual mini valve spring tester 35 mm fork tubes fxr 35 mm fork tubes sportster ball end hex driver 41 mm fork tube cap 360 degree rotating harley davidson big twin engine stand 2006 turn signal security module jims pinion bushing reamer tool barnett clutch tools jims cam cover pinion bushing reamer tool wrist pin bushings ream tool wrist pin bushing ream tool cover bushing reamer tool deutsch electrical wire crimp tool big twin starter clutch removal tool oxygen sensor socket wrench tools wrist pin clip installation tool harley spring compressor tool jims seal instalation tool fork tube cap nut socket tool connecting rod bushing reaming tool 1991 softail clutch removal tool steering head race removal tool rite on time v twin timing tool main shaft roller bearing race tool 79 sportster primary cover plug tool oil seal installation tool 39361 69 final drive sprocket locking tool harley davidson clutch locking tool permatex prussian blue 3 primo clutch hub primo clutch hub permatex prussian blue uses jims wrist pin reamer trap door puller crankshaft truing stand jims trap door permatex silicon sealant high temperature valve guide reamer valve travel checkers

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owners manuals factory service manuals original equipment workshop manuals.a must for every repair shop but also do-it-your-selfers can t do without them to get the best results we offer many of these factory service manuals in english french german italian and spanish service manuals in french german italian and spanish for 2003 to present models come with an electric diagnostic manual electric manuals for english and older models must be ordered separately note for some models or years there are no complete manuals available only as a supplement to the manual for the year before 24 factory service manuals 2004-2005 dyna 2006 dyna 2007-2009 dyna 2010 dyna 2011 dyna 1985 thru 1990 softail 1991 thru 1992 softail 1993 thru 1994 softail 1995 thru 1996 softail 1997 softail supplement 1998 softail supplement 1998-1999 softail 2000 softail 2001 softail 2002 softail 2003 softail 2003 softail fxstdse 2004 softail 2005 flstfse supplement 2005-2006 softail 2007 softail 2008 softail 2009 softail

signs flags stickers zodiac point of sale advertising products newly designed zodiac point of sale flags stickers and dealer signs stickers are available in different sizes that have either normal or wrong sticky side for inside the window use note to consumers when you are in a harley shop or harley workshop and you don t see one of these signs you must really start to wonder if you are in the right place zodiac logo banner this banner shows the zodiac logo and is made from strong vinyl with pressed-in copper eyelets measures 200 x 100 cm 79 x 39 999824 zodiac logo banner 200x100cm 999976 zodiac flag 40 x 60 100 x 150 cm 999964 zodiac authorized dealer sticker 8 1/4 x 11 11/16 21 x 29.7 cm 999963 zodiac authorized dealer sticker 8 1/4 x 11 11/16 21 x 29.7 cm sticks to the inside of a window 999966 zodiac authorized dealer sticker 17 5/16 x 23 5/8 44 x 60 cm 999965 zodiac authorized dealer sticker 17 5/16 x 23 5/8 44 x 60 cm sticks to the inside of a window zodiac

thread lockers chemicals permatex hydraulic sealant designed for sealing and locking hydraulic and pneumatic systems contain no particles that couldcontaminate fluids or foul valves for use with hydraulic brake line fittings and nipples as well as transmission and pneumatic fittings has controlled locking strength 722350 50 ml bottle loctite stripped thread repair loctite s `form-athread repair is the answer to stripped threads on bolts makes reliable thread repairs without drills taps tools or inserts restores worn,stripped or damaged threads and eliminates future corrosion galling seizing and rust suggested applica-tions intake manifolds timing cover bolt threads valve cover bolt threads etc loctite claims it is effective between -65 to 300 degrees fahrenheit 50 to 165 degrees celsius and up to 125ft lb 720118 .44 oz kit permatex super glue permatex super glue works on more surfaces than other instant adhesives special formula allows for faster bond on more surfaces comes ready

bike dryer air force blaster bike dryers the metro air force blaster motorcycle dryers are specifically designed for cleaning and drying motorcycles with dry filtered air that is about 20-25 degrees above the ambient temperature.the air force blaster is the quickest and most efficient method to dry motorcycles thoroughly and eliminates water spots it will cut cleaning time by 80 five to seven minutes is all it takes to quickly and effectively dry motorcycles no more water spots or stains no more leaf blowers no more compressors just a lot of more time to ride the blaster is completely safe for all paint and chrome finishes air force blasters are available in three versions a 1.5 hp side kick a 4.0 hp version for personal use and a 8.0 hp version for professional use and those who do not want to lose a second drying their bike the metro blaster sidekick is a handheld companion to the larger metro air force blaster the sidekick is perfect for someone looking for a compact affordable

tools 745104 professional tire plugger with spring loaded plug gun nozzle probe tool reamer tool retractable razor knife and 25 mushroom plugs in a 9 x 6 x 1 23 x 15 x 2.5 cm vinyl zippered pouch 745108 bag with 25 mushroom plugs 745102 deluxe kit with complete engine air pump tire levers punch tools scrubs patches string plugs patch plugs and rubber cement comes in a vinyl zippered pouch weighs 2 lbs 900 gram measures 9.5 x 4 x 1.5 24 x 10 x 4 cm 24 tire repair kits with engine air pump these roadside tire repair kits include the engine air pump zpn 745107 that uses the vacuum and compression of your engine to forces clean outside air into your tire.apart from the complete engine air pump these kits also include what you need for a roadside tire repair the fix-n-flate kit is great for riders that already carry tire levers the deluxe kit comes with more different tire repair necessities as well as a pair of strong tire levers 745103 fix-n-flate kit with complete engine air pump

tools seal and bearing maintenance tool this unique and complete tool kit is a must for all engine and transmission rebuild shops now you can easily remove and replace all engine and transmission bearings and seals each kit is complete with carrying case and contains 14 pieces of tools and 12 pieces of assorted hardware each tool is marked with an identification number that follows the information included in the instruction book 131170 seal bearing maintenance tool jims flywheel truing tool with this tool jims makes it possible to fine tune the flywheel assemblies it is easy to use and features both flywheel expander and contractor in one tool can be used on all tapered shaft flywheel assemblies 750330 flywheel truing tool s&s engine stands perfect for engine repair or as a show stand these powder coated steel stands feature laser-cut s&s logos available for use with both oem and aftermarket engines and engine cases from 1936 to present 750876 for use with single cam big twin 1936

tools jims valve guide driver tool set valve guide tool set for simple removal and installation of valve guides made from outstanding materials to insure a life time use 235893 jims valve guide driver tool set trock valve travel checkers trock valve checkers are the most accurate tools available for measuring valve travel on all panhead shovelhead evolution big twin twin cam and sportster heads if you set up more than two pairs of heads per year these fixtures are well worth can use the dial indicator with every individual valve checker so fixture and dial indicator must be ordered separately fixtures 232540 for use with evolution big twin twin cam and 1991 to present sportster heads 232544 for use with shovelheads 232545 for use with 1957 thru 1985 ironhead sportster and 1986 thru 1990 evolution sportster heads optional 232548 cam end play checkers valve guide machining tool order a cutter body and cutter body pilot for your application to machine oil seal seats or to

tools sprocket shaft bearing puller for sportster with this tool you can easily remove the inner timken bearing from the sprocket shaft without removing the shaft from the flywheels use on sportster engines from 1957 thru 1976 239479 sprocket shaft bearing puller timken bearing remover for big twin models 1955 thru 1985 this tool will remove the sprocket shaft timken bearing on big twin models with a separate sprocket shaft as stock from 1955 thru 1985 and as found in aftermarket flywheels for models from 1955 to present 235793 sprocket shaft bearing remover jims sprocket shaft bearing race tool used to remove and install the timken bearing race in the crankcase to be used with zpn 237107 spacer driver and zpn 235804 race bearing installation tool 721543 bearing race tool for 1969 thru 1999 big twins including twin cam models 1999 thru 2002 721544 bearing race tool for 1977 thru 2003 sportster models 237107 spacer driver tool 235804 race bearing installation tool timken bearing

tools jims tools for twin cam motors we offer a complete line of tools for the twin cam engine these tools are a must for every workshop jims case saver oversize tappet reamer for twin cam this new tool can be a case saver if you have worn out or damaged tappet bores on any twin cam engine case this reamer tool is designed to ream the case to fit 010 oversize twin cam tappets tool includes a top quality reamer designed for this application and two flex-hones to perform a perfect finish hone on each tappet hole 751086 jims case saver tappet reamer for twin cam 1999 to present jims twin cam tool board this is the ultimate mechanics twin cam tool kit this kit includes the tool board with all necessary hangers bins and overlays along with the complete list of tools below if you are serious about servicing the twin cam motors this kit is a must 741903 complete twin cam tool board kit including all tools individual parts 720535 tool board only no tools but with all hangers bins and

tools oil filter socket wrench this 3 oil filter socket wrench works to install and remove most oem and aftermarket 3 oil filter cartridges as well as our spin-on replacement oil filter oil cooler combinations 235472 3 oil filter socket wrench usa made bu pro-perform 743140 3 oil filter socket wrench made by midlock jims oil filter cutting stand this stand makes the task of cutting open your oil filter easy prevents the slippery filter drop out of your hands while trying to cut it open.the stand can be mounted to a bench or used in a vice.the u-bolt quickly tightens the filter in place with the wing nuts provided this tool should be used in combination with oil filter cutter zpn 751080 fits all common oem and aftermarket spin-on filters 751079 oil filter cutting stand jims receptacle and pin extractor no more difficulties in dismounting molex style connectors the receptacle and pin extractor will easily remove the pins can be used on all models 750338 pin extractor 750339

tools 24 blue streak diagnostic monitor standard motor products an industry leader in the us aftermarket has recently expanded its blue streak diagnostic monitor bdm to included diagnostic coverage for harley-davidson motorcycles from 1995 to present and buell models 1999 to present electronics are an integral part of any vehicle today and harley s are no different these electronic control modules give access to a great amount of data since accurate information remains the best way to locate and solve problems quickly all technicians in the aftermarket can benefit from using a bdm the bdm is designed using the state of the art hitachi scan tool bringing powerful graphing capabilities plus oem functions in a easy and convenient way to the technician some of the highlights included in the software include · read and clear trouble codes · view live data from the ecm · graph data · perform a 100 frame snapshot · active diagnostics such as fuel pump injectors coil plus more · user