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Chemicals & Tools 2011 by Zodiac

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Catalogue: Zodiac Chemicals & Tools 2011
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The Netherlands
Phone: +31-(0)297 28 86 21
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owners manuals factory service manuals original equipment workshop manuals.a must for every repair shop but also do-it-your-selfers can t do without them to get the best results we offer many of these factory service manuals in english french german italian and spanish service manuals in french german italian and spanish for 2003 to present models come with an electric diagnostic manual electric manuals for english and older models must be ordered separately note for some models or years there are no complete manuals available only as a supplement to the manual for the year before 24 factory service manuals 2004-2005 dyna 2006 dyna 2007-2009 dyna 2010 dyna 2011 dyna 1985 thru 1990 softail 1991 thru 1992 softail 1993 thru 1994 softail 1995 thru 1996 softail 1997 softail supplement 1998 softail supplement 1998-1999 softail 2000 softail 2001 softail 2002 softail 2003 softail 2003 softail fxstdse 2004 softail 2005 flstfse supplement 2005-2006 softail 2007 softail 2008 softail 2009 softail

tools eklind professional precision series eklind professional precision series tools are manufactured with the same high quality standards that has made eklind tool company the leading manufacturer of american made hex key products the ergonomic design handle has a big tapered shape and a rotating end cap to maintain fingertip control this offers professional comfort and control end caps are permanently marked for quick and easy identification sold in sets 742820 set of 10 regular screwdrivers sizes #000 thru 4.0 742821 set of 10 torx screwdrivers sizes t3 thru t20 742822 set of 10 hex screwdrivers sizes .028 thru 5/32 742823 set of 8 ball style hex screwdrivers sizes .050 thru 5/32 inch sizes box wrench set this quality 8 piece chrome vanadium box wrench set should be present in every harley owner s toolbox sizes are cut very accurately to fit perfectly set contains spanners from 1/4 up to 7/8 234691 inch sizes box wrench set inch size hex key sets good quality reasonable price

tools drilling jig oil passage this crank-case oil passage drilling jig is used to perform crankcase drilling modifications when installing an s s and other late oil pump assembly on early big twin crankcases made of steel and heat treated file hard for durability this fixture enables the builder to do four modifications drill the primary oil supply passage from the breather valve gear cavity to the back side of the oil pump body on late generator and early alternator cases drill the pressure relief passage from behind the main oil pressure valve to the gear cavity on alternator cases drill the crankshaft and main bearings supply passage on generator cases drill the crankshaft and main bearings supply passage on early alternator cases this tool is a must for all workshops engine builders and high performance shops 234930 drilling jig oil passage jims exhaust stud drill plate this tool is designed to guide and keep alignment of the drill bit when drilling out broken exhaust s is not a reseller or dealer of Zodiac.

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