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2018_zdc_h04_2018-2019 12-10-2018 11:01 pagina 012 electric light headlights/spotlights drivelights 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 caddy style headlight 3 1/2 bottom mount headlight a very small headlight for any custom project features chrome plated bottom mount housing and rim eu approved lamp unit and comes complete with a 12 volt 60/55 watt h4 halogen bulb 160514 complete bottom mount headlight eu approved 160672 replacement light unit eu approved 231613 replacement bulb 12 volt 60/55 watt h4 halogen tÃœv-approved rbs xenon aluminum headlights the bi-xenon light technology is normally only found on the hi-end and expensive cars rbs now makes very small size billet aluminum bixenon headlight kits offer maximum light exploitation it is impossible to explain the difference between an ordinary light and this state of the art system in print but you will admit that xenon is the brightest light you have ever seen as soon as you switch it on rbs bi-xenon headlights are available with a polished or black anodized finish installation of these headlights does not require any modifications of your bikes electrical system headlights come complete with lamp unit bi-xenon light and xenon controller unit and a bottom mount mounting bracket that fits most applications for use on v-rod models a seperate available optional mounting bracket is needed 722295 polished aluminum headlight kit 722461 black anodized aluminum headlight kit 722460 polished v-rod bracket 744299 black v-rod bracket chrome bottom mount headlight with sealed beam unit and high beam indicator light measures 4 1/2 x 7 4 1/2 early style spotlight 1/2 11.5 x 19cm dot approved chromed reproduction spotlight for 781001 caddy style headlight harley-davidson in the long obsolete 1938 thru 1961 style now offered in a 12 volt and 6 volt version light is faithful to the original design with toggle switch and clamp so accurate in design that any of the components can be used for restoration of the original spotlights 160046 complete spotlight 12 volt oem 68649-64 160034 complete spotlight 6 volt oem 68650-38 165102 clear glass lens oem 68660-38 166012 reflector only oem 68676-38 167378 replacement bulb 12 volt oem 68715-64 167380 replacement bulb 6 volt oem 68715-49 sun ray headlight there are many headlights but none of them have the fierce styling as the sun ray headlight is 7 1/2 19cm wide 3 5/8 9.3cm high and 7 1/4 18.5cm long has a clear dot approved lens and diamond cut reflector and comes pre-wired and with a 12 volt 55/60 watt halogen bulb installed can be used in all bottom mount applications 161226 chrome 161227 black rebuffini indianapolis headlight kits these headlight kits are developed by rebuffini to match perfectly with their indianapolis triple tree kits for v-rod features e-approved 12 volt halogen headlight unit available with and without turn signal mount holes billet aluminum head lamp kits for v-rod these double-eye headlamps add an aggressive streetfighter look to your v-rod the bullet style housings are made from billet aluminum one lamp is used as low beam the other as high beam available as ellipsoid style with the extraterrestrial looking pop-eye lamp units or 4 1/2 diameter flat glass lamp units these complete and ready-to-install kits come complete with lamp units 12 volt 55 watt h3 halogen bulbs and mounting bracket that bolt straight onto the v-rod triple tree lamps and brackets are mirror shine polished 722293 flat glass style 722294 ellipsoid style 04 012 skeleton headlight ornaments very detailed zinc alloy ornaments have a contoured underside that lines up perfectly with most round headlights small 81mm wide and 45mm long fits most 5 3/4 headlights triangle headlight chrome bottom mount 5 1/4 headlight with 12 volt 35/35 watt h6 bulb for show use not dot or eu approved 781000 triangle headlight 165589 chrome 165590 bronze 165591 black large 102mm wide and 69mm long fits most 7 headlights 165592 chrome 165593 bronze 165594 black 747694 with turn signal mount holes 747695 without turn signal mount holes