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2018_zdc_h04_2018-2019 12-10-2018 11:11 pagina 063 electric light light bulbs luggage audio more seats single cpr-1 bulbs with single fpr-1 bulbs with 1 led single filament 1 led single filament g 167415 red h 167416 red h 167424 amber single fm-3 bulbs with 1 led single filament exhaust i 167406 white i 167414 red i 167422 amber electric light engine electrics intake zodiac smd led retrofit motorcycle headlight bulbs dual cluster bulbs with 19 leds dual filament j 167491 clear j 167495 amber dual 360 degree bulbs with 15 leds dual filament m 167475 amber dual compact led bulbs dual filament k 167441 clear k 167445 amber dual 360 degree bulbs with 18 leds dual filament n 167453 red n 167455 amber dual 360 degree bulbs with 13 leds dual filament l 167463 red l 167465 amber dual rsl bulbs with 1 led dual filament o 167417 amber these led projector bulbs feature state of the art smd technology and have a heavy duty construction with unlike conventional bulbs a high resistance to torsional frame vibrations the high power patterned smd type leds provide maximum illumination they come complete with socket adaptors to allow fitment in any headlight with h4 hs1 ba20d t19 p43t or p45 base high beam is 1,500 lumen at only 18 watt low beam is 1,000 lumen at only 12 watt which is better as a common h4 bulb does not require the installation of a separate ballast as these bulbs feature a builtin rotary cooling fan 167623 white with h4 plug 167624 yellow with h4 plug 167625 white with bullet connectors 167626 yellow with bullet connectors engine zodiac led light bulbs these led light bulbs reduce power consumption whilst giving more light than a classic halogen bulb they feature built-in electronics that fit in any headlight shell that has a minimal 43mm depth from the bulb base in the reflector 753050 replaces 12 volt 60/55watt h4 bulbs 4000 lumen for high and low beam power consumption 25 watt 753051 replaces 12 volt 55 watt h3 bulbs 4000 lumen power consumption 25 watt 753052 replaces 12 volt 55 watt h11 bulbs 4000 lumen power consumption 25 watt primary transmission final drive wheels tire brake foot control handlebar kit bikes front suspension chassis frame shocks fenders struts gas tank instrument oil tank filter line turn signal bulbs dual cpr bulbs with 1 led dual filament p 167403 clear p 167411 red p 167419 amber dual fpr bulbs with 1 led dual filament q 167412 red q 167420 amber turn signal bulbs as found in most models apart from the stock clear type we also have them with an amber glass great when you have clear or smoke turn signal lenses installed dual fm3 bulbs with 3 leds dual filament r 167418 amber cyron led retrofit spotlight drive light bulbs turn signal bulbs with ba15s 1156 socket bright white 6000k beam cree-led with a 1050 lumen output and only 20 watt draw these bulbs fit in harleys late style spotlights and drive lights but also in many other applications that use bulbs with a pg13 or pgj13 base sold in pairs and a perfect match with the cyron retrofit headlight bulb 743293 retrofit led spotlight bulbs set of 2 747553 12 volt 32 candela approx the same as 21 watt clear oem 6857264b 747554 12 volt 32 candela approx the same as 21 watt amber oem 69330-02 161096 12 volt 21 watt amber oem 69330-02 161098 12 volt 21 watt single filament bulb red www.zodiac.nl fasteners mirrors windshields oil chemicals tools techtips cross ref zpn cross ref zpn page alphabetical index 04 063