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2018_zdc_h04_2018-2019 12-10-2018 11:12 pagina 065 electric light light accessories luggage audio more mini elektronic turn signal flasher this small 46mm x 16mm flasher controller for momentary push buttons or normal switches is so small it even fits into the handle bar and can be used as a replacement for a stock turn signal relay or when converting to led signals it ensures the same flashing frequency no matter what the connected load of the turn signals is max load for this relay is 100w per exit which is protected against short circuits despite its small size it even has additional programmable functions such as automatic turn signal shut off 749501 mini electronic turn signal flasher unit seats badlands turn signal command kit badlands new turn signal command kit allows you to activate your turn signals by just pushing the button once not holding it down your turn signals will flash approximately 9 seconds with the option to cancel manually if more time is required you simply reactivate the system by pushing the button again badlands command kit features a built-in flasher relay and built-in load equalizer to operate turn signals from as low as led s to up-to 100 watts per side as well as an integrated emergency flasher so when you are tired of struggling to hold in your turn signal button pull in your clutch operate your throttle and apply your front brake all while making a turn then the command kit is the answer also great as a direct replacement for your old broken oem canceller or when you have removed or replaced your oem speedo note harley was not very consistant from 1994 thru 2000 please identify the connector on the bike before ordering not compatible with delphi tsm 237333 fits 1973 thru 1990 badlands load equalizer models and custom builds when installing aftermarket marker wire connection lights as replacement for the stock turn 234566 fits 1987-1993 touring 1990-1993 softail dyna signals on harley-davidson which fxr and 1991-1993 have a self canceling system the load sportster comes with an equalizer must be used it will return installed oem-style 10amperage draw to correct factory position only 6 positions specification as the self canceling used male mate-n-lock brain box must have the correct draw connector oem 68537in order to function properly both the 89g load equalizer i and ii perform this function while the load equalizer ii 234567 fits 1994 thru 2000 softail dyna 1993 thru 2000 has the added feature of allowing you touring and 1994 thru to retain emergency flasher capability 2000 sportster has an it has a built-in thermostat which installed oem style 8retains the resistors heat while your position male deutsch bike is functioning in the emergency connector that plugs flasher mode directly into wiring harness note the load equalizer i and ii units in place of the factory turn are not designed to be used in parades signal command module or with the bike running for an 239881 same as zpn 234567 but extended period of time the load with female connector equalizer iii unit can be used in this 234568 fits 1994 thru 2000 softail dyna touring and situation 1998 thru 2003 sportster 237331 load equalizer i for self has an installed oem style canceling turn signals 12-position male deutsch 238331 load equalizer ii for self connector that plugs canceling turn signals and directly into wiring harness emergency flasher function in place of the turn signal 238380 load equalizer iii for self command module cancelling turn signals and emergency flasher function works with oem installed tssm security/alarm module exhaust electric light badlands load equalizer iii badlands developed this solid state load equalizer iii for harley-davidsons equipped with the hfsm or tssm security/alarm module or the tsm turn signal module this module works great with the new generation of harley-davidson modules and is compatible with virtually any of the custom turn signals available works great with halogen and leds too unlike others this module allows your security system to work properly all the time badlands claims that if you have a security light that does not function correctly stays on all the time or your turn signals are blinking erratically this module will solve any related problem this new solid state module also has solved the problem of having to use ceramic resistors that produce unwanted heat this is the only load equalizer designed for parade use so you can run emergency flashers for any amount of time 742850 fits touring 1997-2013 except 2009-2013 cvo se and 2010-2013 fltr flhx all softails 19962010 except fxcw rocker and fxcwc rocker custom dyna 1997-2011 and sportster 1999-2003 701617 fits 2010 thru 2013 flhx and fltr 701616 fits 2009 thru 2013 touring cvo se models 701618 fits 2008 thru 2011 fxcw and fxcwc rocker 742851 fits 2004 thru 2013 sportster models 748753 hard-wire scotch lock universal kit for can-bus front fitment fits 2011 to present softail 2012-2017 dyna and all 2014 to present touring and sportster models 748754 plug-n-play can-bus rear kit fits 2011 to present softail flstc fltsf/b flstn and fxst as well as 2012-2017 dyna fxdf fxdb fxdwg and fld models 748755 plug-n-play can-bus rear kit fits 2011-2017 softail fxs slimline and fxsb breakout as well as 20122017 fls/s slim and slim s 748756 plug-n-play can-bus rear kit fits all 2014 to present sportster xl models 748757 plug-n-play can-bus rear kit fits all 2014 to present touring flh/t models www.zodiac.nl engine electrics badlands illuminator for indian victory if you don t want to be hit from the back when braking but want to be seen at all times you must install the badlands illuminator the illuminator gives you two extra taillights and two extra brake lights by using your stock or any custom turn signals for these functions in combination with their normal purpose you should be better safe than sorry so get visible by fitting an illuminator this electronic gadget comes pre-wired and complete with easy-to-follow do it yourself instructions 701622 fits all 2009-2017 jackpot hammer vegas kingpin highball and gunner models 701623 fits all 2011-2017 judge boardwalk cross country cross roads and magnum models 748762 fits all 2014 to present indian models except scout intake engine primary transmission final drive wheels tire brake foot control handlebar kit bikes front suspension chassis frame shocks fenders struts gas tank instrument oil tank filter line fasteners wire plus auto-cancel load equalizer for turn signals the wire plus auto-cancel load equalizer is a turn signal module that is a must when converting from your oem turn signals to marker lights or led s that draw less current as stock turn signals this is where the wire plus module kicks in the module is equipped with a load equalizer which is exactly what is needed to return the amp draw to the correct level fits all models with self cancelling turn signals except models with can-bus 731940 wire plus auto-cancel load 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