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valve guide seals tools valve guide oil seals here is an oil seal harleys have needed for years this will dry the combustion chamber and end smoking problems the all teflon seal sold in sets of 4 note valve guides may need machining for proper installation with without driver driver 231378 236378 sportster 1957 thru 1985 231381 236381 sportster 1986 thru 2003 231379 236379 pan/shovelhead 1948 thru early 1979 231380 236380 shovelhead late1979 thru 1984 231381 236381 1984-1999 evo big twin and 19992004 twin cam valve guide oil seals shop packs supreme quality oil seals in shop supply packs of 50 pcs complete with installation tool and re-usable protective sleeve for quick and full-proof installation installation tools are separately available 231382 fits sportster 1957 thru 1985 intake 50 pck 231383 fits sportster 1957 thru 231386 fits sportster evolution 1986 thru 2003 in/ex 50 pck 231384 fits big twin 1948 thru 1980 in/ex 50 pck 231385 fits big twin 1980 thru 1984 in/ex 50 pck 231386 fits 1984-1999 evolution big twin and 1999-2004 twin cam crane teflon valve guide oil seals for big twins valve guide oil seal kit for big twin engines from 1966 thru 2004 each kit contains 4 teflon seals and an installation sleeve stock replacement kits fit straight on to stock size valve guides there is also a special application kit available for 1999 thru 2004 twin cam models with full size aftermarket guides the installation of this kit requires machining the guides with our zpn 231387 531 diameter cutter body stock replacement kits 231361 fits shovelhead 1966 thru 1984 .531 guide .375 stem 231366 fits evolution 1984 thru 1999 and twin cam 1999 thru 2004 .415 guide 5/16 stem special application kits 231397 fits evolution 1984 thru 1999 and 1999 thru 2004 twin cam models with full size aftermarket valve guides .531 guide 5/16 stem 07 spectro assembly lubricant spectro assembly lubricant is recommended for initial scuff and wears protection in reassembly and repair of engines this is a heavy lubricant fortified with anti-scuff polymers spectro assembly lubricant when applied to rings cam lobes gears and bearings coats and plates completely and assuring total starting protection it is compatible with all petroleum-based products it also exhibits anti-rust properties for prolonged storage of engine or transmission parts 741348 spectro assembly lubricant bottle of 4 oz 741335 shop pack of 12 bottles oil based lapping compound clover is the brand used by all professional harley-davidson engine rebuilders for years it gives a much smoother bearing surface finish than ordinary lapping compound we highly recommend the use of clover lapping compound with jims lapping tools also works perfect for lapping valve seats 721561 coarse compound 220 grit micron finish of 32 07-115