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2018_zdc_h05_2018-2019 7-10-2018 15:39 pagina 029 engine electrics 8.2mm 752501 752502 752503 752504 752505 752506 plug wire kits 10.44mm 752507 black red purple yellow blue orange luggage audio more seats fits 2018 to present milwaukee eight softail 8.2mm 752564 752565 752566 752567 752568 752569 exhaust 10.44mm 752570 electric light black red purple yellow blue orange engine electrics rubber protection caps intake msd boots and terminals when making a custom fit wiring various msd spark plug wire boots and terminals build your own wires for harness and hooking up the wiring or racing or just for street performance they always come in handy the professional your custom made plug wires to the racing boots are also able to withstand much higher temperatures for longer ignition coil always make sure these connections get some extra protection periods of time available in 3 curves from moisture we offer these hard to a 711807 universal multi-angle boots and terminals get rubber protectors for electrical wire b 711808 grey pair of 90° plug boots and plug cables sold in dealer-10c 711809 grey pair 90° socket boots packs d 711810 grey pair of straight socket boots e 711811 red pair of 90° pro-temp boots a 731546 plug cable to coil f 711812 red pair of straight pro-temp boots b 731544 vari-angle spark plug cap to cable dealerg 711813 red pair of 115° pro-temp boots 10-pck c 731543 spark plug cap to cable d 731545 plug cable to coil straight dealer-10pck engine primary transmission final drive wheels tire brake foot control msd pro-boot guard msd plug wire kit spark plug wires have two main functions transfer the spark and suppress electro magnetic interference created by the spark the special copper conductors on msd wires keeps wire resistance under 50 ohm/foot even with this low resistance with its 8.5mm the wire retains its emi reducing capability the copper conductor is tightly wrapped around a ferromagnetic core to further prevent any interference in the wire a combination of silicone and synthetic materials protects the wire against heat chemicals and abrasion and spark arcing special dual crimp terminals connect the conductor and the sleeve to prevent the terminal pulling of the wire wires are 22 56cm long with a 90 degree spark plug boot on one end a 115 degree spark plug boot crimped to the other end just cut to length from the spark plug booth you want to use and crimp the coil plug boot with the included easy-to-use crimping tool available as kits with red wires fits all harleydavidson and buell s 1984 to present 711805 red wire kit with gray plug boots special designed boot guard to protect the spark plug from heat a fiberglass woven slide on sleeve which is coated with a specially compounded silicone rubber makes for good insulation fits most plug boots 711818 pro-boot guard 6 feet handlebar kit bikes front suspension chassis frame shocks msd spark plug boot retainers no more excuses now for plug wires coming undone these plug cap retainers assure the cap stays on at any time molded from heat resistant nylon msd boot retainers anchor the plug cap to the plug 711816 pair of spark plug boot retainers fenders struts gas tank instrument oil tank filter line fasteners msd no split shrink sleeving msd pro-heat guard tough glass woven sleeving to protect up to 1000° a silicon rubber coating surrounds the core to give maximal heat protection has an inner diameter of 3/8 to slide over most spark plug wires easily sold in rolls of 25 feet 711817 pro-heat guard roll all purpose shrink sleeving for electrical wire connections msd spark guard grease 711820 10 pack sleeves this dielectric grease protects electrical systems from leaks moist and emi also makes for smoother placement of plug boots and clamps spark guard will not harden or dry up and retains its insulating capabilities indefinitely 711821 msd spark guard grease mirrors windshields oil chemicals tools techtips cross ref zpn cross ref zpn page alphabetical index www.zodiac.nl 05 029