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2018_zdc_h21_2018-2019 22-10-2018 20:13 pagina 011 fasteners hardware assortment trays luggage audio more seats exhaust electric light krommet and rocket show bolts thread adapters chrome plated die-cast show bolts complete with 1/4-unc stud and nut sold in 10 packs 011230 krommet show bolts 10 pack 011112 winged rocket krommet show bolts 10 pack engine electrics intake adapts 1/2-13 unc thread to 3/8-16 unc for example to use 1999-up breather bolts on earlier style cylinder heads 781018 set of 2 approx 7/8 22mm long engine primary transmission final drive wheels tire doctor skull screws super detailed stainless steel skulls with a m5x15 mounting stud washer and nut are sold each available in pure stainless or jewelry bronze with well nuts are used for various mounting applications bad bones studded skulls for example tightening your windshield or mounting this is where the skull-mania starts detailed stainless stud your oil tank three dimensional studded skulls with colored eyes complete with washers and nut usable for license skull a 744103 well nut 6-32 x 1 1/4 plate mounting on your leather accessories or just 780200 stainless oem 5210 as another decorative item on your bike these skulls 780201 jewelery bronze b 744108 well nut #10-32 x 15/16 are available with 5 different color eyes and two oem 5207 c 744107 well nut 1/4-20 x 1 oem 8099 different sizes small 2cm high and large 4cm racing skull high sold each d 744104 screw 6-32 x 3/4 oem 2806 780202 stainless 780203 jewelery bronze e 744105 clip nut oem 8102 f 744106 lock nut 3/8-24 unf oem 7780 small 2cm 011255 chrome plain eyes speed devil 011257 chrome green eyes 780204 stainless 011259 chrome red eyes 780205 jewelery bronze 011332 gold plain eyes 011336 gold red eyes 1 780206 stainless 780207 jewelery bronze large 4cm 011449 chrome plain eyes 011450 chrome blue eyes piston ace 011451 chrome green eyes 780208 stainless 011452 chrome amber eyes 780209 jewelery bronze 011453 chrome red eyes 011454 gold plain eyes santa muerte 011455 gold blue eyes eagle s head krommets 780210 stainless 780211 jewelery bronze a small but showy item to be used on many places 011458 gold red eyes on your motorcycle to show your eye for detail comes complete with nut and washers looks great sugar skull in combination with our eagle spirit accessories 780212 stainless available chrome or gold plated with red or black 780213 jewelery bronze painted eyes sold each 011490 with black eyes chrome finish skull king 011491 with red eyes chrome finish 780214 stainless 011492 with red eyes gold finish 780215 jewelery bronze brake well nuts ton-up 780216 stainless 780217 jewelery bronze iron cross 780218 stainless 780219 jewelery bronze foot control handlebar kit bikes front suspension chassis frame shocks fenders struts gas tank instrument oil tank filter line fasteners mirrors windshields oil chemicals tools techtips cross ref zpn cross ref zpn page alphabetical index 21 011