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744223 13 1 2 length 70 mm travel fits 1973 thru 1985 fournales delta spring adjustable shock shock lowering kit harley zodiac weld on and bolt on hardtail frames right side drive conversion kit installing a 5 speed transmission in a 4 speed frame swingarm bumper rubbers for softail fits 1999 to present twin cam models 2007 lowering kit for sportster zodiac wide ass swingarm kit hyperpro compression adjustments shock absorbers dyna wide ass swingarm kit softails swingarms wide tire kits softail 240 wide tire kits single sided swing arm conversion kit wide swing arm kit 250 right side drive swingarm conversion kit shock lowering kit harley dyna low rider softail swingarm for a 1990 softail belt drive final drive pulley rear drive belt 135 tooth extended clutch push rod swing arm for 2004 sportster front twin cam motor mount carbon fiber drive belts off set transmission plate right side drive transmission pulley cover spacer set clutch push rod for transmission harley davidson motorcycle engine stand rear lowering kit softail deuce softail lowering kit lowering kit softail lowering kit rear softail rear lowering kit harley softail sportster shock mounting kit custom front forks sportster lowering kit lowering kit for springer lowering kit for springer front end rear lowering kits for xl rear lowering kits for fl hardtail sportster frame sportster softail frame sportster softail frames primary offset kits primary offset kit wide swingarm kits fork lower triple tree swingarm pivot bearing kit softail conversion kits wide ass kits extended swing arm kit harley davidson softail shocks sportster rear caliper kit hydraulic clutch conversion kit v twin softail wide tire kits

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super ass frame frames components shocks lowering kits 17 zodiac s super-ass softail style frame kit if you are talking about a custom built frame kit that can take a real big-bad-fat-tire you must be talking about our super-ass frame kits.the frames used in these kits are our tÜv approved kraft/tech softail style frames with 1 1/4 tubing but supplied complete with a swingarm wide enough to accept avon s super wide 230 tire and still be able to use the stock final belt drive this tire that measures 250 mm wide on an 8 wide rim will go straight in the swingarm when using the 2000 to present 1 1/8 wide final belt drive you can even mount avon s trick 250 tire on a 9 wide rim.these frame and swingarm combinations are not only the best looking kits available they also handle very well and withstand the most severe stress vibration and fatigue tests it is normal practice that the engine and transmission combination fits this frame without grinding drilling or any other

north sea chopper frames components shocks lowering kits 17 ton pels signature series high neck north sea chopper frames another stunning design from the godfather himself.this project initially started when ton was building his own straight backbone high-neck chopper the coast-line tramp the coast-line tramp was styled after the previously built new york chopper but with a frame that had a higher neck and large diameter frame tubes fat forks a stretched fuel tank a real fat rear tire and a big inch motor ton likes big engines the finished bike looked very radical and wild anyone riding it found it suprisingly well to handle but not ton for him this is a must his philosophy is a custom build bike must not only look right it also must handle right if a custom build bike is not rideable it becomes a piece of expensive and useless furniture the radical design and style of the coast-line rebel appealed to almost anyone that saw the bike add to that the growing demand for high

offset parts frames components shocks lowering kits 17 primary offset kits for 6 speed 2006 to present dyna and 2007 to present softail models in 2006 the oem transmission for dyna s and in 2007 for softails changed from 5 to a sportster like trapdoor mounted 6 speed.with that the complete internals changed including the mainshaft and the output drive gear all previous available offset kits no longer fit the present oem 6 speed big-twin transmissions therefore ton pels designed a totally new offset kit.this offset kit allows the use of wider swing arms for up to 280 rear tires whilst keeping the wheel perfectly in center with the motorcycle kits come with all required parts such as an extended transmission main shaft and extended main drive gear primary spacer ring primary spacer blocks extended clutch push rod crankshaft extension and all required gaskets seals and hardware.the 280 kit also includes an offset frame side plate.transmission main shaft and main drive gear are cnc

swingarms frames components shocks lowering kits 17 softail swingarm kit for up to 300 tires when the latest extreme wide tires were introduced everybody had a problem how can one fit a 270 280 or even 300 in a stock softail frame simple that s where zodiac comes in zodiac s ton pels designed a complete extra wide swingarm kit that includes a no jig needed frame widening kit as well as the primary offset kit that allows the use of up to 300 tires in stock and most aftermarket frames the frame widening is done with a 15 mm thick offset banana shaped frame side plate the banana shape side plate is welded in to place using the original banana plate as the welding jig the location of the engine/transmission of the evolution models in the frame has a 1/4 difference compared to the twin cam models therefore the offset in the frame plate in combination with our 45 mm primary offset kit provides enough room for up-to 250 series rear tires in evolution softail frames and 280 series rear

swingarms radium wide tire conversion for touring models this very complete kit includes almost any part needed to convert 1995 thru 2006 flht flhr and fltr series touring models into a true wide ass bagger with an up to 200 wide rear tire on 5.5 wide rim and 16 17 or 18 diameter rear wheel kit includes · wide swing arm black finished with 1 25.4 mm rear wheel axle · custom 14 gauge 2.1 mm thick stock style raw steel rear fender that accepts the stock tail light · special saddle bag support kit that takes stock and stock-style saddle bags · complete primary offset kit with extended transmission main shaft and extended main drive gear · required hardware · 31 tooth front and 65 tooth rear final drive pulleys for use with a 135 tooth 20 mm wide final drive belt belt not included this conversion kit fits with stock and most aftermarket seats as well as stock and most aftermarket exhaust systems installation of a tourpak or backrest requires oem detachable docking hardware

trike swingarms axles/chassis stabilizer frames components shocks lowering kits trike rear axles trike conversion parts the installation of these conversion kits in softail or touring models requires no modification to stock mounting points on the frame as this is a straightforward bolt in conversion you can convert back from trike to two-wheeler at any time in the future swing arms are available for sportster,touring 1984-1999 evolution softail as well as the 2000 to present twin-cam softail.will also fit most oem styled aftermarket frames no offset of the primary and/or transmission is needed but as trikes in general require more responsive steering as a two-wheeler the use of 3 degrees raked triple trees is strongly recommended.trike rear axles can also be used to build a trike with your own frame swing arms feature · no flex wide beam styling · bolt-on construction · uses stock or aftermarket shock absorbers rear axles feature · bolt-on construction · black finished cnc

swingarm parts frames components shocks lowering kits swingarm parts for 1984 thru 1999 softails swingarm parts for 2000 to present softails 17 pos zpn qty description oem 1 237979 1 pivot bolt set with washers stainless 4961 1 237779 1 pivot bolt set with washers polished stainless 4961 2 723026 2 lock washer pivot bolt 10 pack7142 3 782023 2 swingarm bearing with clip pos 4 9076 4 723024 2 bearing retaining clip 10 pack 11158 5 723025 2 swingarm pivot spacer 1986 thru 1999 43283-86 6 741816 1 axle adjuster kit chrome 1986 thru 1992 47579-86 6 741817 1 axle adjuster kit chrome 1993 thru 1999 47579-93 7 723023 1 axis tube 1989 thru 1999 48031-89a 8 232891 1 rear fender extension 1986 thru 1999 60363-86c 9 339107 1 axle adjuster kit with spacers chrome 1986 thru 1992 pos 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 zpn 723031 723033 723034 723029 723032 723037 723039 723028 723038 723030 723035 723036 723027 231759 741818 qty 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 2 2 1 2 2 1 2 1 description washer right 4 pack washer

shock studs frames components shocks lowering kits double threaded shock stud kits for 1982-1988 models special double threaded shock stud kit each kit includes 2 studs 2 chrome washers,2 lock nuts and 2 chrome nuggets 233427 lower fits 1982 thru 1987 sportster models oem 4082 4081 233428 lower fits 1982 thru 1988 fxr models oem 1614 rear shock studs lower and upper shock stud kits for big twin models 1958 thru 1986 and sportster models 1956 thru 1974 each kit includes one zinc or chrome plated stud and two chrome plated cup washers note chrome stud kits also include a set of rubber shock bushings fits big twin models 233424 upper 1958-1966 zinc plated oem 54515-58a 234746 upper 1958-1966 chrome plated oem 54515-58a 233425 lower 1958-1966 zinc plated oem 54517-58 234747 lower 1958-1966 chrome plated oem 54517-58 233419 upper 1967-1972 zinc plated oem 54515-67 234741 upper 1967-1972 chrome plated oem 54515-67 233420 lower 1967-1972 zinc plated oem 54517-67 234742 lower 1967-1972

shocks frames components shocks lowering kits fournales ride-on-air classic shocks fournales shocks are totally unique compared to all other shocks currently available.they utilize air pressure internal volume and speed sensitive damping to adjust easily for all riders if a passenger or extra luggage is added a simple increase in air pressure will correct the suspension for the added load the shocks offer very smooth and comfortable ride and are extremely resistant to bottoming.the external appearance of these shocks offer an ultra clean look with its full chrome covers and smooth finish top and bottom yokes are black anodized fits all 5 speed fxr models from 1981 thru 1994 and sportster models from 1979 thru 1985 237364 11 1/2 length 29.2 cm 237362 12 1/2 length 31.7 cm stock sportster 237360 13 1/2 length 34.3 cm stock fxr fits all fx and fl models from 1973 thru 1986 237368 11 length 28 cm 237366 12 length 30.5 cm stock fits all dyna glide models from 1991 thru 1998 237373

shocks progressive suspension 430 series shocks high pressure gas mono tube design with deflective disk damping to insure high performance ride control the 430 series can also be mounted rod up or rod down depending on your application threaded pre-load adjusters allow for tool-less adjustment and effortless tuning of ride quality first of their kind machined aluminum spring perches and street rod styling of the new 430 series are complimented by smooth lines and a polished chrome body available in chrome or contrast cut black anodized finish to match the look of your bike your model motorcycle is given together with the stock shocks length feel free to take longer or shorter shocks from the same application group but note that shorter than stock shocks will lower the rear of the motorcycle fender to tire clearance should be checked after installation shocks are sold in pairs frames components shocks lowering kits progressive suspension 430 series shocks sportster models 1977 thru

lowering kits/pumps tools/tools frames components shocks lowering kits progressive suspension adjustable lowering kits for 2000 to present softail progressive suspension s adjustable lowering kits for 2000 to present softail models are capable of lowering ride height up to 2 by simply loosing the flange nuts and when the desired height is reached properly tightening the non flanged nuts back against the bushings lowered to far no problem you can go back from -2 to zero 236051 fits 2000 to present fxst and flst models chrome white bros adjust-a-ride kit for softails white brothers offer a fully adjustable version of the popular low boy kit this kit requires no grinding cutting or any irreversible modifications and can be installed within an hour.the ride height can be adjusted up-to 2 inch lower or raised over stock by 1/2 an inch in less than 5 minutes with a 3/4 spanner due to the sealed heim joints bearings used these adjust-a-ride need little to no maintenance available in