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2018_zdc_h19_2018-2019 12-10-2018 9:11 pagina 023 gas tank instrument gas tank mounting hardware luggage audio more seats exhaust rubber mounts for sportster gas tanks these are exactly the same mounts as supplied with all our rubber mount sportster tanks great for custom jobs or when you have lost one in your rebuild project 345286 rear mount with rubbers 345287 front mount with rubbers electric light colony gas tank mounting kits high quality show chrome tank mount hardware kits for softail and dyna 1991 thru 2017 these kits include all bolts nuts studs and washers needed to mount the tank 741833 gas tank mounting kit 1991 thru 2017 dyna 741832 gas tank mounting kit 1991 thru 1999 softail 741834 gas tank mounting kit 2000 thru 2017 softail lower front mounting bracket for fat bob tanks an exact reproduction of the lower bracket as featured on the 4 speed frames thru 1984 easy to weld on and can be adapted to many custom frames restores original looks and enables you to use fat bob tanks when the original bracket was torched off 012357 front lower bracket engine electrics mounting hardware kit for one piece softail gas tank intake a complete mounting kit to install a one piece gas tank on a softail model same kit as supplied with our one piece softail gas tanks 346103 mounting kit for softail tank engine primary transmission final drive wheels tire brake mounting kit for fat bob tanks complete mounting kit a must when installing oem or zodiac s fat bob tanks to custom or original 4 speed frames includes all necessary washers spacers bolts and nuts 345127 mounting kit for fat bob tanks flat-side tank mounting kit for early frames universal fat bob tank mount kit uniquely designed mounting kit for fat bob tanks a precise way to mount the oem or aftermarket fat bob tanks to custom or original frames that have the oem mountings removed allows you to locate the bracket for a visual check of the tank location on the frame and once the position is selected the whole bracket set can be welded in place 012367 quickmount kit for fat bob tanks lower tank mount for 1955 thru 1957 big twin 782130 weld-on bracket for restoration or repair on 1955 thru 1957 big twins foot control an easy-to-install mounting kit which makes it possible to mount the late style flat-side gas tank on your early style 4 speed big twin frame the rubber isolation will prevent the damage of leaking fuel by breaking welds kit comes complete with all brackets and necessary hardware 011498 flat-side tank mounting kit for early frames handlebar kit bikes front suspension chassis frame shocks fenders struts gas tank instrument oil tank filter line custom gas tank inlet weld in gas tank inlet usable when buil-ding your own custom made gas tank or as replacement for worn out connectors takes any of our vented cam-lock type gascaps 011352 tank inlet fasteners rubber mounts for flatside gas tanks anti-vibration grommets install in the tank mount holes on fat bob tanks to stop the solid vibration that cracks the tank mounting flanges also for many custom applications pack of 10 358074 anti vibration grommets accurate reproductions of the original equipment parts used to mount the flatside gas tanks on 4 speed fx models from 1985 thru 1986 and all softail models from 1984 to present pack of 6 oem 11447 and 5775 358084 rubber mounts flat-side tank mounting kit mirrors a complete mounting kit that can be used to update your existing flat-side tank mounts or for use on newly constructed vehicles instead of purchasing the original parts the beveled washers and mounting screws are chrome-plated fits 1984 thru 2017 softail and all other models with split tanks from 1985 to present 345228 flat side tank mounting kit windshields oil chemicals tools techtips cross ref zpn cross ref zpn page alphabetical index 19 023