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2018_zdc_h19_2018-2019 12-10-2018 9:13 pagina 026 gas tank instrument petcock fuel valves 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 19 026 pingel designer high flow petcocks pingel 22mm power-flo high volume petcocks these petcocks have all the features of the standard power-flo petcocks with the exception that they are specially designed for use with the 1975 thru 2005 original equipment gas tanks they have a more compact installation saving around 1/4 installed height over the standard power-flo available in polished aluminum and chrome plated finish these designer petcocks are manufactured from solid brass to very strict specifications and tight tolerances bodies are highly polished and than chrome plated and are available with either smooth or machined designs pingel petcocks are the ultimate choice for the custom builder with an eye for detail they come in smooth grooved light stripes diamond or flamed design the inside of these high volume petcocks have the same features as pingel s power flow petcocks the unique design maximizes the fuel flow on both main and reserve petcocks are available for all model big twin and sportster late and early gas tanks the 22mm metric petcocks fit all big twin and sportster 1975 thru 2005 the petcock with 3/8 npt thread fits pre-1975 as well as fit most custom gas tanks all models petcock are available in forward backward or down outlet designer petcock with 22mm thread sportster big twin 1975-2005 single outlet forward a backwards b side c polished chrome abcd 236330 236332 236334 236336 236331 236333 236335 236337 forward backwards side under race petcock dual outlet facing under motorcycle polished chrome e 236338 236339 with reserve 236300 236301 236302 236303 236304 236310 236311 236312 236313 236314 236320 236321 236322 236323 236324 smooth grooved lightning diamond flamed designer petcock with 3/8 npt thread fits all pre-1975 models and most custom gas tanks forward a backwards b side c 236305 236315 236316 236318 236325 236328 smooth grooved diamond pingel electro-flo fuel valve pingel s electro-flo fuel valve offers a unique feature as it will not allow the motorcycle to start unless the valve is in the on-position the result is no more forgetting to turn the fuel on starting the bike and taking off only to have the bike kill because it has run out of fuel the electro-flo fuel valve utilizes pingel s guzzler impressive 211 oz over 6 liter per minute flow rate along with outstanding race-tested durability available with 22mm or 3/8 npt fitting both featuring a 5/16 8mm hose fitting the electro-flo is made from solid billet aluminum and has a high luster polished finish 744256 electro-flo fuel valve 22mm fitting 744257 electro-flo fuel valve 3/8 npt fitting pingel old skool style brass petcocks pingel s old skool style fuel valves feature the same internal design as all their other fuel valves this design maximizes fuel flow on both main and reserve made from solid brass with a high luster polished finish for that classic appearance available in 3/8 npt for use on pre-1975 and most custom gas tanks and 22mm for use on 1975 thru 2006 style gas tanks 744258 pingel 3/8 npt brass fuel valve 744259 pingel 22mm brass fuel valve