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2018_zdc_h06_2018-2019 30-9-2018 13:27 pagina 080 intake air filter elements/crankvents/fuel catalyst/trick box 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 crankcase breather filters k&n recharger filter care service kit a six step maintenance system was designed to service your k&n air filter element with these kits you can completely clean and restore air flow efficiency so your filter performs like new each kit contains one squeeze bottle of filter cleaner and one 6 1/2 ounce aerosol can or 12 fluid ounce squeeze bottle of filter oil use one of these recharger kits on a regular basis and you may never have to buy another filter again 233784 kit with filter fluid spray can 733835 k&n filter service kit nonaerosol k&n air filter oil the original k&n air filter oil is the only oil specially formulated to work in combination with the cotton fabric k&n filtercharger elements providing a superior air filtration system when used as described it quickly penetrates the filter pleats where it remains suspended in the cotton fabric saturation is maintained until the element is cleaned with k&n air filter cleaner available in aerosol cans and squeeze bottles 733790 aerosol can of 200 ml 233891 aerosol can of 400 ml 733793 squeeze bottle of 227 ml k&n air filter cleaner k&n air filter cleaner is the only cleaner recommended to clean k&n air filter elements k&n air filter cleaner works to dissolve dirt build up and old filter oil and can be washed away with water it is environmentally friendly and safe on paint chrome cast aluminum plastic rubber and vinyl when used as directed do not use on polished or anodized aluminum bottle contains 12 fluid ounces 0.355 liter 733834 k&n air filter cleaner in-line crankcase power vent chrome breather filters these breather filters come in different shapes they suit every job and application if you don t want your engine breathing through the air filter because of the small size only 2 5cm this filter can be located almost everywhere 120094 fits 3/8 hose 120098 with 1/8 npt thread 120096 with mounting stud fits 3/8 hose 06 080 or 5.000 operating hours effectively the life of your engine comes in a package of two for both single and dual tankhalve applications 700895 fitch fuel catalyst a power vent enables air to get out during the downstroke but prevents for air being sucked back into the crankcase on the upstroke of the pistons this prevents for excessive crankcase pressure reduces the chance on leaking gaskets and improves performance and throttle response this in-line power vent is made from billet aluminum with a chrome finish has two 3/8 10mm hose connectors is just 1 1/4 32mm in diameter and features a replaceable rubber umbrella valve comes complete with two hose clamps 120195 chrome billet aluminum crank vent 120196 replacement rubber umbrella valve dealer 10-pack these crank-case breather filters mount easily look great and helps keep foreign material out of the bottom end especially helpful when installing aftermarket air cleaners that don t have breather fittings the deluxe model comes complete with chrome mounting bracket replaceable filter assembly with chrome end cap and hose clamp an economy filter with black end cap is also available fits all harley models with 3/8 crankcase breather hose also usable for many custom applications 120033 deluxe crankcase breather kit trick box bypass module for 120035 replacement filter stock active intake exhaust 120037 economy crankcase system breather filter harley used the active intake system ais on 2007 touring and 2007 thru 2015 dyna softail and the active exhaust system aes on the european 2007 thru 2016 dyna softail to comply with the latest eu noise emission regulations the ais creates a problem for those who want to install an aftermarket air cleaner as removal of the air cleaner back plate will cause the ais to light a fault warning light on the dash installation of this trick box bypass module fools fitch fuel catalyst most fuel is made up of high-energy the oem on-board computer and constituents which burn with a fairly eliminates the fault light problem high degree of efficiency however in the ais trick box is an oem style addition to these high-energy fuel connector that simply plugs into the constituents there are others which 2-way socket in stead of the stock tend to cause problems during the active intake solenoid plug combustion process these are the the active exhaust system aes is an lighter components which burn too ecm-controlled electric motor to open fast at the beginning of the or close a valve in the exhaust system combustion process causing pre to meet the eu exhaust noise ignition and the heavier ones which standards for those who want to burn too slowly at the end of the install a complete aftermarket exhaust process causing both excessive smoke system it is necessary to trick the ecm and carbon buildup the fitch fuel fault warning module to prevent catalyst acts on both of these problem the warning light coming on on the fuel components insuring that they dash the aes trick box also plugs into burn with the same efficiency as the the stock wiring harness and replaces rest of the fuel all forms of power the signal from the original exhaust sports equipment such as motorcycles stepper motor and stops the light atv s snowmobiles and personal coming on watercraft can benefit from the fitch 745584 set of two by-pass modules for use with fuel catalyst once the fitch fuel aftermarket air cleaner catalyst is installed the treated fuel without active intake will begin to burn more completely system and aftermarket resulting in a cleaner better running exhaust without active engine that will start easier burn less exhaust system fuel and increase power and performance the fitch fuel catalyst 702022 active intake system bypass module only helps keep your fuel fresh during the off-season and eliminates the need for stabilizers and other additives the fuel catalyst is warranted for 350.000 km