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2018_zdc_h15_2018-2019 12-6-2018 9:45 pagina 008 kit bikes kit bikes 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 north sea chopper bike kits these north sea chopper bike kits created by ton the godfather pels are designed around our famous tÃœv approved kraft/tech frames except for the wiring and the paint-job these kits include 99 of all parts needed to build your own north sea chopper components used are proven quality products that are produced by leading manufacturers like zodiac performance machine cruisespeed s&s t.p.d le pera etc the bike kit project initially started when ton was building the bike that is pictured here his own highneck and straight backbone chopper the coastline tramp as ton knows that retail customers are interested in an economical priced complete bike kit the kit comes with a single front disc brake the use of the kraft/tech high neck frame with large diameter frame tubes in combination with the fat forks a stretched fuel tank and a fat 250 rear tire gave the bike a killer look the north sea copperâ„¢ features an 8 up-stretch frame and a 38 degree fork angle in combination with the use of the 14 over stock forks it provides a wild high neck look engine mounts are in the stock position with the transmission offset build in the frame completed with the tpd transmission performance machine wheels and calipers a 96ci s&s single cam motor with that typical s&s teardrop style air cleaner you not only have the killer looks you have got a killer bike the north sea chopper is a bike with radical and wild looks but handles very well too this is because ton s philosophy is a custom bike that isn t rideable is a useless and expensive piece of furniture kits are available with either dual or curved single downtube softail frame check out our webster at or ask your zodiac dealer for the complete parts list of these kits north sea chopper kit bikes with s&s 96ci motor 744965 with dual down tube softail frame 744964 with curved single down tube softail frame 25 26 27 15 008 note it is strongly advised to check with local authorities what is required in your country to get your bike approved and registered this may require that you have to order extra parts and/or have to pay duties we strongly recommend assistance of an experienced custom bike builder photos show a prototype equipped with accessories that may not included in the kit for a complete bill of materials contact your local zodiac dealer or e-mail zodiac at