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2018_zdc_h01_2018-2019 27-6-2018 14:55 pagina 010 luggage audio more leather luggage 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 01 010 classic king size saddlebags 1948 style k-drive/longride saddlebags k-drive/longride bags are made of tough waterproof iparex 1100 and reinforced with pvc these bags feature leather straps and rust proof buckles selected models are also available with chrome studs all black and sold in pairs for left and right small 16 liter/pair 29x26x12 745219 plain black 745220 chrome studs riders like these saddlebags was the headline in the original accessory catalog back in 1948 and riders still do these handcrafted saddlebags are a perfect reproduction of the classic 1948 style saddlebags and are made of the finest grade upper cowhide available well waterproofed and practically wear proof saddlebags come in black with black welt in regular rigid mount or softail mount further decorated with chrome plated studs and ornaments bags are approx 20 long 14 high 5 wide on the top and 3 wide at the underside sold in pairs 741861 regular rigid mount black welt 741862 softail mount black welt texas leather tool bags available in 3 sizes all in plain black with matte buckles selected models also come in your choice of black with chrome studs and chrome buckles or ranger style brown with a distressed appearance and brass buckles great to store your tools or other goodies large 28 liter/pair 39,5x27x15 745217 plain black 745218 chrome studs 4 3/8 11cm diameter and 10 26cm long capacity 3.2qt 3l a 756998 black leather with matte buckles b 756975 brown ranger style leather with samwel saddlebags for military 45 s double edge 16 liter/pair 38x27,5x12 745216 chrome studs brass buckles 756999 black leather with chrome buckles and chrome studs perfect reproduction of the saddlebags found on 45ci side valve wla models bags are made of real 4 3/8 11cm diameter and 11 1/2 29cm long cowhide and come in the genuine pebble color capacity 3.9qt 3.5l ready to attach to your army model s luggage rack 756996 black leather with matte buckles to get that true authentic look c 756976 brown ranger style leather with 745969 wla saddlebag kit oem 11786-xm brass buckles d 756997 black leather with chrome buckles and chrome studs 6 15cm diameter and 12 5/8 32cm long capacity 5 1/4qt 5l e 757010 black leather with matte buckles