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2018_zdc_h24_2018-2019 24-5-2018 13:27 pagina 021 oil chemicals tools standard universal tools luggage audio more seats 40 pieces unc/unf tap and die set a handy tool set for cleaning damaged threads not intend for cutting powerful magnetic tray featuring a tapping new threads contains one protective rubber back securely holds tap and die in each of the following small parts and tools sizes 4-40 6-32 8-32 10-32 10-24 745625 magnetic tray in 4 15cm 12-24 1/4 20 1/4 28 5/16 18 5/16 24 3/8 16 3/8 24 7/16 diameter 20 7/16 14 1-1/2 20 1/2 13 and 1/8 27 npt as well as a t-handle die handle screw driver and screw pitch gauge this all supplied in a handy plastic box 234755 40 pieces inch size tap and die set exhaust sonic equipment magnetic tray sonic tank fender protector electric light engine electrics jims dental pick everybody knows the problem trying to remove an o-ring by using your fingernails and getting no grip on it this tool makes life easy the fine tip end is hooked for easy usage and proves to be useful in many aspects of motorcycle repair work this precision tool comes with a contoured grip for comfort and is made from 24 series stainless steel and hardened to 30-34 rockwell for durability 750325 jims dental pick non-slip nylon protector prevents damaging tanks and fenders when working on your vehicle oil dirt and water repellent and can be machine washed at 40° 745650 non-slip tank fender protector 90x50cm 35x19.7 intake cruztools max hook spring puller engine we ve tried other spring hooks and they just didn t cut it-either the hook was too flimsy or we couldn t get enough leverage the maxhook s t-handle provides plenty of leverage and instead of welding the hook onto the rod which can become brittle and break cruztools cnc machined it right out of the rod stock then bent it 740304 maxhook spring puller primary transmission final drive wheels tire brake foot control 40 pieces metric tap and die set a handy tool set for cleaning damaged metric threads not intend for cutting or tapping new threads contains one tap and die in each of the following sizes m3 x 0.5 m3 x 0.6 m4 x 0.7 m4 x 0.75 m5 x 0.8 m5 x 0.9 m6 x 0.75 m6 x 1 m7 x 0.75 m7 x 1 m8 x 1 m8 x 1.25 m10x 1.25 m10 x 1.50 m12 x 1.5 m12 x 1.75 and 1/8npt-27tpi as well as a t-handle die handle screw driver and thread pitch gauge supplied in a handy plastic box 741655 tap die set metric 40 pcs handlebar kit bikes sonic dental picks dental picks are a great aid to help you remove o-rings made from tool steel and feature comfort grips 745653 set of 4 differently shaped fast fill funnel dental picks this heavy-duty unbreakable plastic fast-fill funnel has a wide mouth it takes 6 quarts approx 3l the narrow filler tube has a built-in brass screen filter made by accel/mr gasket 797069 6 quarts capacity approx 3l front suspension chassis frame shocks fenders struts gas tank instrument oil tank filter line fasteners fuel tank wall mount do not invite disaster by leaving fuel tanks on your workbench but mount this handy piece of equipment secure to a wall to easily and safely store a removed fuel tank 753690 holds any one piece fuel tank that has 5/16 or jim s spark plug hole thread 3/8 mounting hardware mirrors windshields accel vise soft jaws this unique tool is designed to make assembling brake hoses much less time consuming and reduce the chance of marking or damaging chaser connectors use is not limited to brake whenever you are in doubt about your line assembly these jaws also work spark plug hole thread use this tool to with many other parts clean up the thread this double 797063 accel vise soft jaws ended 14mm and 18mm thread chaser easily cleans up spark plug holes and so reduces the chance of cross threading it is to be used with 13/16 socket 750315 thread chaser www.zodiac.nl oil chemicals tools sonic hose clamps heat resistant reinforced nylon clamps with easy to use locking mechanism and special designed jaws to prevent internal hose linings from damaging 745652 set of 3 hose clamps for 1/8 thru 5/16 3-8mm 1/2 thru 3/4 12-19mm and 3/4 thru 2 1/2 19-63mm diameter techtips cross ref zpn cross ref zpn page alphabetical index 24 021