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oil filters s&s oil filters s&s oil filters are constructed in a sturdy steel canister which houses the finest filtering media and internal components available the canister is slightly smaller in diameter than stock filters to make them easier to remove and install s&s filters are designed with a direct bypass valve that routes bypass oil directly to the filter exit direct bypass minimizes the amount of contaminants carried to the engine in the unfiltered bypass oil since the oil is not allowed to pick up contaminants by flowing over the dirty side of the filter media as it is in some competitive filters the filter media used in s&s oil filters has been selected to trap the smallest possible particles while maintaining the lowest restriction to oil flow the nominal particle capture size is smaller than that of stock filters while the resistance to oil flow is nearly the same the most important thing you can do to maximize the life of your engine is to keep your oil clean your motor oil picks up friction wear particles and combustion by-products regular oil changes are essential to keep contaminants from accumulating but from one oil change to the next your oil filter is your first line of defense against these wear causing particles s&s filters are available in black or chrome finish for use on evolution style as well as twin cam style engines for use on s&s v-series engines and evolution big twins 1984 thru 1999 oem 63805-80a 63796-77a 750750 black 750748 chrome for use on s&s t-series engines and twin cam engines 1999 to presentoem 63731-99 63798-99 750749 chrome 750751 black perf-form oil filters usa made perf-form oil filters are manufactured from the finest materials available to produce a premium quality product specially designed for heavy weight motorcycle oils.along with a built in relief valve perf-form utilizes a filtering medium of treated filter paper with the largest possible surface area to provide high flow at low pressure with maximum filtering capabilities if you want premium quality oil filtering for your harley-davidson ask for perf-form oil filters next time you change your oil fits v-rod models 2002 to present 231413 black oem 63793-01k fits sportster 1980 thru early 1984 big twins except softail with factory installed spin-on oil filter 1982 thru 1986 231294 black oem 63782-80 235532 chrome oem 63810-80a fits all big twins 1965 thru 1982 with filter in oil tank replaces all internal components 231295 replacement oil filter low restriction filter fits all 5 speed models 1980 thru 1999 except dyna glide and twin cam models softail 1984 -1999 and sportster 1984 to present will also fit all custom spin-on filters adapters with 3/4 x 16 thread filter is 3/4 longer than stock 235531 chrome oem 63806-83 and 68305-80 extra-long 5.53 black filter fits dyna glide models from 1991 thru 1998 featuring extra filter volume by the extra length 235530 black low restriction filter fits the fuel injected models from 1996 to present including twin cam models 1999 to present 231292 black oem 63806-83 235577 chrome oem 63806-83 special filter for s&s engines with hvhp oil pump 236267 black 236292 chrome 20 20-017