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Catalog Oil Tanks, Oil Line , Oil Filters & Oil 2013/2014

fits 1999 to present twin cam models liquid filled oil pressure gauge kit custom oil tank with a battery box oil filter stainless steel braided oil line liquid filled oil pressure gauge offset oil filter adapter braided oil lines v twin cam oil filter adapter installation 1991 harley davidson sportster chrome oil tank billet aluminum oil filter cover harley oil filter oil change spin on oil filter spin on oil filter adapter spin on oil filter adapter bolts spin on oil filter kit oil filter mounting kit for harley davidson twin cam a oil filters for 2 heating oil tanks oil cooler bypass valve hardware oil pressure gauge adapter kits for big twin chrome custom length braided stainless steel water line 10 micron in line oil filter liquid filled pressure gauge harley davidson big twin rods 2004 sportster left side battery cover stainless male to female adapter anti drain back valve adapter 12 npt male to male 316 stainless steel rod 5 mm steel spacers 7 8 mm x 6 mm x 8 mm 316 stainless steel rod 15 mm billet oil filter oil filter bypass valve harley davidson oil tank dipstick oil filter wrench oil filter wrenches braided oil lines braided oil line oil filter cover cooler chopper oil filter kits aftermarket oil tanks 1979 sportster chrome oil tank chrome oil tank 1981 sportster braided oil line hose fittings 20 micron oil filter round oil tank oil filter cartridges round oil tanks oil filter adapter bolts oil filter kit 1975 sportster harley davidson oil filters canister oil filter adapter straight 8 harley oil filter housing harley davidson sportster oil filters oil filter housing bracket harley oil filter adapter

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oil tank chrome side fill oil tanks for softail models a show chromed replacement oil tank for softail models from 1989 thru 1999 fits the stock frame as well as most aftermarket frames.will also fit our wide tail frame oem 62498-89a 62498-91 241290 chrome side fill oil tank for softail models cruise speed raw steel wrap around softail oil tank these wrap around raw steel oil tanks are the ultimate oil tanks for softail models manufactured from heavy gauge mild steel ready for your painters preparation they are available for softail models 1989 thru 1999 matching stainless steel or chrome plated brackets are also available for twin cam softails 2000 to present we offer a version that accepts stock type steel pipes as well as a custom style tank with 1/8 npt type fittings for use with aircraft style braided steel hoses or rubber lines connecting nipples for the tank and engine are available for both lines oil tanks come complete with raw steel filler cap with dip stick fits softail

oil/fuel line fitting oil tanks oil line oil filters oil steel braided hose 1 meter 3.3 feet oil and gas resistant braided neoprene hose available in 3 diameters and 2 colors seamless neoprene inside with steel braided outside 012229 1/4 inside diameter 6.35 mm stainless steel 012230 5/16 inside diameter 8.0 mm stainless steel 012231 3/8 inside diameter 9.5 mm stainless steel 012237 5/16 inside diameter 8.0 mm gold finish 012239 3/8 inside diameter 9.5 mm gold finish oil/ventline adaptor for big twins adapts 1/8 npt female to oil lines fits1938 thru 1973 big twins has zinc finish 3 pack oem 63533-15 012257 oil/ventline adaptor for big twins black neoprene oil/fuel line black neoprene fabric reinforced fuel and oil line in 25 foot 7.5 mtr rolls available in 4 different diameters 232450 inside dia 3/16 5 mm 232451 inside dia 1/4 6.5 mm 232452 inside dia 5/16 8 mm 232453 inside dia 3/8 9.5 mm chrome oil line fitting chrome plated brass barb fitting with 1/8pipe thread for use

oil/fuel line fitting ness billet cable clamps · radius or grooved design · clean ness die-cast cable clamps · billet look die-cast construction · chrome plated · economically priced a03195 1 25.4 mm to clutch cable a03196 1 1/8 28.6 mm to clutch cable a03197 1 3/8 35 mm to clutch cable a03198 1 25.4 mm to single throttle cable a03199 1 25.4 mm to throttle idle cable stainless steel universal hose clamps high quality stainless steel hose clamps available for hoses with 7/32 outside diameter up to 1 outside diameter 5 mm to 26 mm sold in 10 packs note diameters given are outside diameter 061153 fits 7/32 to 1/2 5 mm to 13 mm 061151 fits 7/32 to 5/8 5 mm to 16 mm 061157 fits 7/16 to 3/4 11 mm to 19 mm 061159 fits 1/2 to 7/8 12 mm to 22 mm 061177 fits 1/2 to 1 12 mm to 26 mm 20-011 oil tanks oil line oil filters oil 20 mounting for various cable applications · chrome plated cnc machined billet aluminum · 1 1/2 diameter works great on dyna frames a03165 1

oil pressure gauge oil pressure gauge chrome plated liquid filled gauge the ultimate gauge available the liquid eliminates needle bounce and gives you an exact reading at all times the liquid also absorbs the vibration which prevents the gauge from breaking heavy-duty mechanism construction 169050 oil pressure gauge liquid filled oil pressure gauge kits these oil pressure kits feature liquid filled gauges to eliminate needle bounce and absorb vibration with weather-resistant sealed lens with a chrome rim extra heavy duty mechanism and 1 1/2 diameter stainless steel case the gauge kits come complete with all necessary chrome fittings for bolt on installation gauges are suitable up-to 100 lbs a 233536 oil gauge kit fits 1957 thru 1985 xl models rocker box mounting b 233535 oil gauge kit fits 1970 thru 1984 big twin shovelheads c 233537 oil gauge kit fits 1957 thru 1985 xl models oil tanks oil line oil filters oil one-piece aluminum oil pressure gauge adaptor for late model big twins

dipstick lucky 7 oil tank plug made from billet aluminum with stainless steel dipstick the use of two o-rings eliminates leaking fits all side-filled oil tanks looks great especially in combination with other lucky 7 accessories it gives your bike that real 50 s greasers look 741129 lucky 7 oil tank plug polished oil plug temperature gauge classic 1 diameter white face oil plug and temperature gauges with black imprint long dipstick fits most stock harley-davidson and custom oil tanks with side-fill from 1965 to present except dyna glide sportster and softail models oem 62635-79t 120039 scale in celsius short dipstick 237813 fits 1982 thru 2004 sportster and 1984 thru 1999 softail models scale in fahrenheit 237814 fits 2000 to present chrome oil tank plugs with dipstick add a touch of chrome to your oil tank.these are direct replacements for the oem oil tank plug as used on 1991 to present dyna and 1993 to present flh flt models 301993 fits 1991 to present dyna models oem 62640-93

oil filter 1980 thru early 1984 sportster models short filter oem 6381080a 63782-80 121011 chrome stock 30 micron 121187 black stock 30 micron 121192 chrome magnetic 30 micron late 1984 to present sportster models long filter oem 6380580a 63796-77a 121188 black stock 30 micron 122008 chrome stock 30 micron 121193 chrome magnetic 30 micron 1982 thru 1994 fxr models long filter oem 63805-80a 63796-77a 121188 black stock 30 micron 122008 chrome stock 30 micron 121193 chrome magnetic 30 micron 1991 thru 1998 dyna models extra long filter oem 6381290 63813-90 121190 black stock 30 micron 121189 chrome stock 30 micron 121194 chrome magnetic double action 30 micron 1999 to present dyna models long filter oem 63731-99 63798-99 120114 black tc quality 10 micron 120112 chrome tc quality 10 micron 120113 chrome magnetic 10 micron 1980 thru 1998 flt and flht models long filter oem 6380580a 63796-77a 121188 black stock 30 micron 122008 chrome stock 30 micron 121193 chrome magnetic 30 micron

oil filter oil tanks oil line oil filters oil s&s oil filter mount this billet oil filter mounting bracket can solve a common problem for engine builders and custom bike builders alike it fits any generator engine with 5/16 generator mounting holes and it replaces the hard to find oil filter bracket for 1986-1990 harley-davidson sportster models this part is needed for any engine build with s&s crankcases for sportster or buell motorcycles including the s&s sb-series engines on a generator style big twin engine the filter bracket bolts to the generator mounting pad in place of the generator this is a must for alternator/generator engines that use an alternator charging system or straight generator engines with magneto ignitions and no charging system.the oil filter bracket seals off the cam chest and provides a convenient place too for a spin on oil filter.the bracket is machined for easy routing of an oil cooler in all applications and accepts the stock oil pressure sending switch

oil cooler slimline 280 mm long fits fxr models 700646 pair polished finish 700648 pair black anodized finish slimline 200 mm long fits buell models oil coolers for buell are mounted ont the frame tubes under the gas tank 721889 pair polished finish 721890 pair black anodized finish round 150 mm long fits dyna and sportster models 721886 pair polished finish 721888 pair black anodized finish rbs aluminum oil line fittings for twin cam softail models this complete set of oil line fittings is a must when you want to install an oil cooler on a twin cam softail fits all twin cam softails 2000 to present and are available in plain aluminum or black anodized contains 3 fittings per set 721938 plain aluminum 721939 black anodized slimline 280 mm long fits fxst softail models 700629 pair polished finish 700632 pair black anodized finish slimline 280 mm long fits 2000 to present flst and fxst twin cam softail models 721882 pair polished finish 721883 pair black anodized finish round 190 mm

oil cooler oil tanks oil line oil filters oil jagg oil coolers jagg designed oil coolers provide simple and effective reduction of oil temperature to safe operating levels for maximum life of both oil and engine unless otherwise noted jagg designed oil coolers come complete with hardware and easy-to-follow installation instructions specially designed turbulators in each oil passageway gently stir oil exposing it to more critical heat dissipation surface area for superior cooling with no increase in oil pressure restriction additionally highly concentrated mini-louvered air fins allow maximum heat transfer sleek hightech uralite clamps insure trouble free mounting and cooler insulation from vibration jagg #1000 series deluxe oil coolers engineered for performance the deluxe jagg oil cooler was designed with polished billet fin end caps to compliment the brushed cylinder fins on your motor 740070 fits 1957 to present sportster 1955 thru 1964 panhead 1965 thru 1984 shovelhead 1982

spectro lubricant spectro heavy-duty platinum lubricant for 6-speed transmissions designed by spectro in response to complaints from harley owners about the greatly operating but noisy new 6-speed transmission as fitted from 2006 to present in the dyna and 2007 to present in softails and touring models formulated to significantly reduce gear noise and provide easier smoother shifting this api gl-5 rated sae 75w140 formulation eases shifting even when cold.this full synthetic provides ultimate lubrication protection high loads and extreme heat do not affect the oil so it performs well when pushed hard and long 741705 spectro heavy-duty platinum 6-speed oil dealer box of 12 bottles containing 1 quart 0.946 ltr 741706 spectro heavy-duty platinum 6-speed oil 1 bottle containing 1 quart 0.946 ltr 20-033 oil tanks oil line oil filters oil 20 spectro synthetic golden supreme sae 15w50 spectro golden supreme synthetic is the ultimate state-of-the-art synthetic engine lubricant that

spectro lubricant spectro z-clean chain lube spectro z-clean is the ultimate chain lube and utilizes a special zinc formulation to provide unsurpassed antiwear protection for longer chain and sprocket life it does not attract dirt sand or grit and will not fling off when used as directed suitable for all o-ring and normal roller chains spectro z-clean is the next generation in chain lubrication 741666 spray can 13.5 oz 383 grams 741665 dealer pack with 12 spray cans of 13.5 oz 383 grams spectro assembly lubricant spectro assembly lubricant is recommended for initial scuff and wears protection in reassembly and repair of engines.this is a heavy lubricant fortified with anti-scuff polymers spectro assembly lubricant when applied to rings cam lobes gears and bearings coats and plates completely and assuring total starting protection it is compatible with all petroleum-based products it also exhibits anti-rust properties for prolonged storage of engine or transmission parts 741348 spectro