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Catalog Saddle bags, Tool Rolls, Sissy-Bar Bags, Goggles & Promo Wear 2011

chrome parts to rear fender attachments and saddle bag mount rear fender 2005 dyna wide glide hard saddle bags hard saddle bag latch hard saddle bag dyna low rider fxdl sissy bar sissy bar dyna wide glide 2000 dyna wide glide sissy bar solo sissy bar for sportster turn signal relocation dyna 2011 dyna low rider zodiac 1999 dyna wide glide sissy bar bag fehling luggage rack hooker header t shirt sportster solo luggage rack 2005 dyna glide luggage rack luggage rack for softail deuce 1994 dyna wide glide seat vrsc fender base plate 2002 dyna wide glide seat luggage rack for road king 2003 dyna low rider dyna low rider solo seat live to ride harley davidson points cover saddle bags flh fehling saddle bag supports saddle bag flhr saddle bag latch saddle bag latches saddle bags dyna dyna saddle bags dyna saddle bag saddle bag lids harley saddle bag fatboy sissy bar saddle bag latch plate v rod chrome saddle bags saddle bag crash bars fat bob sissy bar fat bob sissi bar rear fender saddle bag mounts saddle bag to fender bracket rear fender saddle bags mounts saddle bag lid covers saddle bag repair kit vrsc sissy bar 1999 fxst sissy bar 2000 fxst sissy bar saddle bags for dyna latch and hardware saddle bag saddle bags harley davidson sissy bar road king harley davidson saddle bags road king sissy bar harley saddle bag installation kit

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saddlebags/saddlebag accessories 01 k-drive click lock leather saddlebag kits k-drive s click lock system allows you to install and removal of the saddlebags in just a few seconds but then locked with a key to your bike bags and included supports are made specifically for every application for a perfect fit and won t damage your paintwork the included saddlebag supports follow the contour of the motorcycle are perfectly chromed and come complete with the required hardware installation on 1994 to present sportster models requires relocation of the turn signals onto the saddlebag supports these k-drive bags are made of real leather and feature rust proof buckles selected models are also available with chrome studs plain chrome leather studs 745209 n/a classic king size saddlebags 1948 style riders like these saddlebags was the headline in the original accessory catalog back in 1948 and riders still do.these handcrafted saddlebags are a perfect reproduction of the classic 1948

luggage racks rear luggage racks easy mounting under the saddle with a single bolt.the license plate attaches to the back of the rack where it stays visible the simple design does not interfere with the lines of your bike but provides all the comfort of a full luggage rack the wide glide model rack connects to the fender struts and to the saddle mount for extra sturdiness this model has a slight upswept shape to emphasize the sports bike looks 01 bobtail fender rack for softail chrome plated luggage rack that follows the lines of the bobtail rear fender as fitted on 2000 thru 2005 fxst fxstb and fxsts softail models simple bolt-on installation with the included hardware 301024 chrome bobtail fender rack oem 56481-03 301036 fits 1986 thru 2005 softail models 301023 fits 2000 thru 2005 fxst softail models except deuce and 2006 to present flst softail models 301037 fits 1991 thru 2005 dyna glide models bobtail luggage rack follows the contour of the fender and mounts to the fender strut

goggles sunglasses 01 shield i interchangeable eyeshield an interchangeable sunglass including three sets of shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses in smoked amber and clear these not only ensure 100 uva/uvb protection but also maximum peripheral vision these wrap-around lenses have molded nose pieces for added comfort with the simple quick release system the polycarbonate lenses easily interchange comes with carrying case and microfiber cleaning cloth 744357 shield one airlock i ii interchangeable sunglasses block out the breeze with the airlock i and airlock ii these glasses feature made of gloss black tr90 frames which are lighter more flexible and significantly more durable than conventional plastics lenses are crafted from shatter-resistant polycarbonate and provide 100 uva/uvb light protection the streamlined wrap around construction is extremely comfortable and the detachable side shields reduce air draft by as much as 95 the interchangeable lenses allow tailoring lens color

zodiac jackets 01 zodiac s diamond quilted twill jacket by dickies warm comfortable lightweight blended twill quilted to 5 oz polyester fill with gray jersey backing rib knit collar cuffs waist front hand warmer pockets 999711 medium 999712 large 999713 extra large 999714 extra extra large zodiac waist length jacket by dickies genuine dickies brand waist length jacket with a zodiac logo features slash front pockets pencil pocket on left sleeve heavy-duty brass zipper front closure and adjustable tabs at waistband quilted to keep the bite off available in black in both men s and ladies sizes men s n/a n/a 999707 999708 999709 ladies 999715 999716 999717 999718 n/a small medium large extra large extra-extra large zodiac s hip length jacket by dickies genuine dickies brand hip length twill jacket in the most solid color black features zodiac logo felled yoke chest and back slash hand warmer pockets one inside pocket and a button cuff quilted to keep the bite off 999700 small 999701

harley davidson decals 01 harley-davidson decals style a 3 1/4 x 8 1/2 silver dark gray dark blue black sold per oem 744050 each 13778-00 style b 3 1/4 x 8 1/2 silver dark gray yellow sold per oem 744056 each 14228-89 style c 3 1/2 x 10 1/2 silver blue sold per oem 744065 each 14031-87 style a 3 1/4 x 8 1/2 silver dark gray burnt gold burgundy red black sold per oem 744051 each 13926-99 style b 3 1/4 x 8 1/2 silver dark gray burnt gold burgundy red black sold per oem 744057 each 14228-91 style c 3 1/2 x 10 1/2 gray orange sold per oem 744066 each 14122-86 style d 2 1/4 x 8 1/2 red burgundy black metal slate gray sold per oem 744068 each 13907-99 style b 3 1/4 x 8 1/2 sky blue dark aqua silver metal slate gray sold per oem 744058 each 14287-94 style d 2 1/4 x 8 1/2 red burgundy black burnt gold pale gold sold per oem 744069 each 13910-99 style b 3 1/4 x 8 1/2 red meteor pale gold dark wineberry silver orange sold per oem 744060 each 14390-93 style d 2 1/4

bike tattoos 01 734201 ying yang skulls 1x 4.1 x3.8 734219 cow skulls 2x 2.5 x3.8 734378 irish flame skull right 1x 2.8 x8.3 including mini decal 734379 irish flame skull left 1x 2.8 x 8.3 734397 spike skull cross 1x 5.5 x5.7 including mini decals 2x 1.5 x1.5 734349 snake and cowskull 1x 4.2 x4.7 including mini decals 734336 skull of tut 2.7 x 4.1 734345 skull bite center 1x 2.6 x 7.9 734382 skull bite large 1x 16.1 x8.3 734213 dragon skull 1x 2.7 x8.7 734579 734580 skull set right 12 x28 skull set left 12 x28 734581 usa skull 3 x4.75 734216 fang skull 1x 2.7 x8.5 734392 eagle skulls dagger left/right 2x 5.6 x10.5 including mini 734348 biker skulls 1x 3.6 x4.7 734374 shoot to kill right 2.275 x8.384 decal 734375 shoot to kill left 2.275 x8.384 decal 734582 734589 mr bones 3 x4.75 skull sheet 6 x18 734220 shred skulls 2x 2.8 x4.0 734329 indian skull 1x 2.7 x4.1 734391 indian skull 1x 7.0 x10.6 734376 winged v-twin skull 2.603 x8.451 decal 734587 devil/angel

bike tattoos 01 734621 usa guitar babe 3 x10 734171 irish babe 1x 2.8 x8.3 734172 viking babe 1x 2.8 x8.2 734326 pinstripe marilyn 1x 2.7 x3.9 734334 dangerous pussy 1x 2.7 x4.0 734179 guitar babe 1x 2.8 x8.0 734333 death queen 1x 4.1 x2.7 including mini decal 1x 1.9 x1.2 734195 sport bike girls 2x 2.2 x3.9 734180 usa flag babe 1x 2.8 x8.3 734181 australian flag babe 1x 2.8 x8.0 734182 italian flag babe 1x 2.8 x8.0 734198 endo girl 1x 5.2 x4.2 734346 sweet temptation 1x 3.3 x4.5 including mini decalsleft/right2x1.9 x2.5 734173 naughty nurse 1x 2.8 x8.2 734316 naughty nurse left/right 2x3.9 x1.4 734175 cow babe 1x 2.1 x8.3 734178 ride or party babe 1x 2.8 x8.0 734313 8 ball babe 1x 4.1 x2.7 734380 pinstripe 8 ball babe 1x 15.9 x5.5 734373 skull n babe 1x 3.6 x4.4 including mini decals 2x 2.0 x2.3

bike tattoos 01 flame 734136 flame right 1x 2.8 x8.4 734137 flame left 1x 2.7 x8.3 734665 flaming biker skull right 3 x10 734631 flaming biker skull left 3 x10 734630 dragon attack 6 x8 734095 von frankie kustom kulture 1x 4.1 x6.3 including mini decals 2x 1.4 x2.0 dragons 734126 blue dragon right 1x 2.7 x 8.0 734125 blue dragon left 1x 2.7 x8.0 various 734104 winged fairy 1x 4.5 x4.6 including mini decal 1x 1.9 x1.9 734098 purr fect 1x 5.2 x6.5 including mini decal 1x 2.0 x2.3 734585 red dragon 3 x4.75 734103 black widow spider left/right 2x 4.1 x3.3 734094 sailor kat kustom kulture 1x 5.5 x6.4 734196 tribal dragon left/right 2x 2.5 x4.7 734132 spider web 1x 7.8 x2.8

embroidered patches 01 lethal threat embroidered patches dress-up any clothing with these fashionable and touch patches can be ironed on cotton and other natural fabrics for nylon leather or synthetic fabrics patch must be sewn on 734078 skull dagger rose 5.75 x5.5 734074 skull dagger rose 4 x4 734554 skull dagger rose 12 x9 734073 devil flag 4 x4 734071 734566 pirate skull 6.5 x5 pirate skull 11 x11.5 734562 angel devil heart 6.5 x5 734552 734553 pirate skull right 6 x2.5 pirate skull left 6 x2.5 734075 734559 wolf growl 4 x4 wolf growl 12 x11 734561 angel outline 4 x4 734076 734568 pirate captain 6 x5 angel by day 4 x4 734560 devil outline 4 x4 734077 devil by nite 4 x4 734072 734540 01-040 skull motor 5 x5 skull motor 11 x11 734276 devil girl 5.25 x4.75 734576 devil girl 12 x10

embroidered patches 01 734359 winged star 5.5 x2.5 734545 734546 indian skull 12 x9 indian skull 6.5 x5 734547 734269 orange tribal butterfly 12 x3.5 734360 purple tribal butterfly 6 x2.5 734361 pink tribal butterfly 6 x2.5 734366 734367 734368 734369 green flame skull 6 x2.5 red flame skull 6.5 x2.5 yellow flame skull 6 x2.5 blue flame skull 6 x2.5 three ace skulls 11 x11.5 734362 tribal rose 6 x2.5 734548 freedom eagle 9.25 x12 734364 winged eyeball 5.5 x2.5 734542 734543 jester face 12 x 12 jester face 6,5 x 5 734365 checkered skull 6 x2.5 734544 ride free eagle 12 x12 734541 skull rip 12 x11

lethal threat t-shirts 01 734500 734501 734502 734503 live free or die usa skull m live free or die usa skull l live free or die usa skull xl live free or die usa skull xxl 734516 734517 734518 734519 lt-custom motorcycles m lt-custom motorcycles l lt-custom motorcycles xl lt-custom motorcycles xxl 734528 734529 734530 734531 bad to the bone m bad to the bone l bad to the bone xl bad to the bone xxl 734504 734505 734506 734507 hell ride reaper m hell ride reaper l hell ride reaper xl hell ride reaper xxl 734520 734521 734522 734523 gear skull m gear skull l gear skull xl gear skull xxl 734532 734533 734534 734535 734508 734509 734510 734511 ride hard piston skull m ride hard piston skull l ride hard piston skull xl ride hard piston skull xxl 734524 734525 734526 734527 hell on wheels m hell on wheels l hell on wheels xl hell on wheels xxl lethal threat fairy m lethal threat fairy l lethal threat fairy xl lethal threat fairy xxl 734512 734513 734514 734515 who you ride m who you ride l