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Catalog Tanks, Dashes,Tacho & Speedo Meters 2011

chops 76 rocker box mounted speedo brackets universal fat bob tank mounting kit 6 post fat bob style ignition switch rocker box mounted speedo brackets steel chrome dash for fx models paintable pop up gas cap 5 gallon fat bob tank fat bob dash panels fat bob gas tanks rick s v rod gas tank louvered chrome dash plate universal fat bob tank kit rocker box mounted digital speedo gas tank for sportster 1994 gas tank for sportster 2004 dash panels 2011 road king dash mount gas tanks for sportsters arlen ness gas cap weld in bung cap weld in aluminum bung weld in aluminum bungs quick action filler cap pop up flush mount gas caps motorcycle pop up gas cap universal fat bob mounting kit vented gas cap with eagle spirit replacement pop up gas cap pop up gas cap top seal pop up screw in gas caps stretched tank dash speedo meters cable speedo meter cable zodiac gas tanks fat bob dash aftermarket gas tank petcocks stretch gas tanks fxr stretched fat bob tank 5 gallon sportster gas tank fat bob tank panels 1983 fxr fat bob tanks ricks v rod gas tank cats eye dash cat eye dash dash rubber trim fat bob dash covers fat bob 5 gallon 2006 sportster gas tank 2004 sportster gas tank motorcycle gas tank petcocks sportster 1982 sportster fat bob tanks fat bob gas tanks mounting adapter fat bob gas tank mounting adapter fat bob dash rubber trim weld in tank bungs motorcycle gas cap tanks quick bob gas tank

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gas tanks flat-side fat bob tanks our fat bob tank sets are a duplication of the late style flatside tank sets they fit fxst models 1984 thru 1999 and are available in a wide variety of tank caps such as oem style cam lock gas cap and screw-in bung and flush cap design flush caps are available as a screw-in bung and our quick-lock style quick lock can also be bought with key operated lock the latest addition is the small aluminum aircraft style gas cap set.these lockable aero-style gas cap sets have a chrome plated finish and are also separately available.tanks are the best quality on the market can be used for crash repairs or any other custom application.available in a 3.5 and a 5 gallon capacity.accepts most fl fxwg and fxst style dashes screw bung style tank sets style b 011184 tank set 3.5 gallon oem 61218-85 61426-85 011389 tank set 5 gallon oem 61211-84a 61228-84a lockable screw-in type flush mount tank sets style d these flush caps make the lines of this tank much smoother

gas tanks one piece stretched smooth top steel gas tank for fxr models this one piece stretched smooth top gas tank will give your fxr the long slippery stretched look and flowing lines as found in our other stretched tanks the stretched section is not a weld-on part but an integral part of the tank and has a seat pocket to match with most narrow seats tank will hold approx 4.2 gallon of fuel 16 ltr and is available with single or dual screw-in type gas caps single or dual quick cam lockable flush mount gas caps aero-style gas cap and with the newest pop-up gas cap in a paintable and a chrome finish tank for screw-in type gas cap style b 011634 single cap stretched gas tank 011619 dual cap stretched gas tank tank complete with quick cam lockable flush mount type gas caps style d 011636 single cap stretched gas tank 011635 dual cap stretched gas tank tank complete with large aero-style chrome plated lockable aluminum gas cap style f 011737 single cap stretched tank 011525 replacement

gas tanks one piece 2 stretched steel tank with indents for sportster models 2 stretched one piece tanks no weld-on stretched sections just one piece high quality steel indents on both sides of these tanks add a touch of class please note that the seat cutout at the stretched sections matches most narrow model seats e.g silhouette.available for use with oem style screw-in gas cap or complete with aero style or pop-up gas cap must be used in combination with a 13/16 22 mm petcock tanks hold approx 4 gallon 15 ltr and come complete with hardware fits 1995 thru 2003 xl models capacity 4 gallon 012819 tank for screw-in style cap style b 012821 tank with aero-style lockable cap style f fits 2004 thru 2006 xl models capacity 4 gallon 012823 tank for screw-in style cap style b 012825 tank with aero-style lockable cap style f 012826 tank with pop-up style cap style g one piece stretched sportbob tanks with dash mount for 1982 thru 2003 sportster models this 2 stretched sportbob tanks

gas tanks fits fxr models 4 gallon/15 ltr takes gas cap zpn 232153 or 232154 711238 fxr aero with swage line custom cruiser teardrop tank with 5 stretch 4 gallon/15 ltr takes gas cap zpn 237353 237354 or 237359 fits most 5 stretched frames 711282 super cruiser 5 stretch fits evolution softail models 4 gallon/15 ltr takes gas cap zpn 232153 or 232154 711227 softail aero 711240 softail aero with swage line peanut style aluminum chopper tank take a classic peanut style gas tank bang it around a bit stretch it to 23 1/2 length add a flush mount pop-up gas cap and this is what you get a great looking peanut style chopper tank comes complete with custom weld-on brackets 741275 peanut style aluminum chopper tank 19 fits dyna models 4 gallon/15 ltr takes gas cap zpn 232153 or 232154 711229 dyna aero 711241 dyna aero with swage line ton pels signature series aluminum tank for godfather frame this custom aluminum fuel tank matches the flowing lines of the godfather frame has a capacity of

gas tank mounting hardware petcocks shut-off valve for early fat bob tanks very precise reproduction of the big twin 1947 thru 1966 tank shut-off valve this completely assembled unit comes with rod cap knob all washers seals and hardware can also be used on 45ci models but changes the reserve capacity 711854 shut-off valve shut-off valve extension knob allows easier operating of the old style shutoff valve as used on the 1940 thru 1966 models 032448 extension knob fuel valve o-rings viton o-rings as fitted between the fuel valve and tank adapter on 2002 thru 2006 big twin and sportster genuine james sold in dealer 5-packs 742488 viton o-ring 5-pack oem 62712-02 pingel in-line fuel valve pingel designed this in-line fuel valve with the custom bike builder in mind giving you a chance to express your creativity without worrying about the fuel valve location the valve uses a simple on/off operation without a reserve capacity and without a fuel filter has a chrome finish 744250 in-line

fuel catalyst gas caps tank connector line for early fat bob tanks crossover gas line for fat bob tanks fits 1948 -1965 fl models has chrome finish oem 62355-48 012251 tank connector line chrome gas caps vented fits all single cap and r/h double cap harley and our custom tanks non vented fits all l/h double cap harley and our custom tanks 011152 original style vented 011179 original style non vented oem 61103-65 eagle spirit gas cap set chrome plated deluxe style eagle spirit gas caps fits harley fat bob and lowrider tanks one vented one not vented 011367 set vented not vented 19 fitch fuel catalyst most fuel is made up of high-energy constituents which burn with a fairly high degree of efficiency however in addition to these high-energy fuel constituents there are others which tend to cause problems during the combustion process these are the lighter components which burn too fast at the beginning of the combustion process causing pre-ignition and the heavier ones which burn too

gas caps covers tower line 743355 chrome vented 743356 black anodized vented magnum .38 police special style billet aluminum gas cap covers by rbs something really special are these .38 police special style gas cap covers decorated with genuine cartridge cases caps are machined from a block of solid aluminum and install easily over your stock gas caps.they are secured with almost non visible allen head set screws you can have these covers in polished or black but the cartridges stay the same for that true finishing touch there are matching handlebar grips risers point covers and supertrapp end caps available 722270 chrome .38 special gas cap cover 722271 black .38 special gas cap cover cone line 743357 chrome vented 743358 black anodized vented 743359 brass vented 19 magnum .38 police special billet aluminum fuel gauge cover by rbs you can t do without this trick fuel gauge cover when you have installed the police special gas cap cover like the gas caps these covers are filled

speedos mph/kph speedometer for 1996 thru 1998 softails this original equipment electronic speedometer features a scale that gives you your speed in both miles and kilometers per hour can be used on all models with the transmission mount electronic speed sensor 237914 electronic mph/kph speedometer stock style electronic speedo for 1996 thru 1998 softail electronic controlled black faced km/h speedo with digital odometer for use on 1996 thru 1998 softail models that are equipped with the transmission fitted electronic speed sensor pick up meter is 4 1/2 11.5 cm in diameter and fits stock dash and stock 12-pin wiring harness plug 169081 electronic km/h speedo oem 67197-99a cable driven electronic speedo/tacho for 1947 to present dash cable driven electronic controlled black faced speedo with digital odometer 2 trip meters and tacho comes pre-wired with a push button switch to select trip 1 trip 2 or odometer and is programmable for use with any ratio speedo drive installation

speedos mounts for dakota digital flat oval meters mounts for flat oval speedometer tachometer and information center handlebar mounts work in both the over as well as the under handlebar position a 731489 for 1 handlebars b 731490 for 1 1/4 handlebars c 731491 for 1 1/2 handlebars d 731492 flat triple tree mount e 731493 35° triple tree mount mmb s digital lcd speedo a 2-line red or blue lighted lcd digital speedo with button switch to switch between 7 available functions such as speed in mph or km/h total distance 2 different trip distances and on-board voltage when connected to a temperature sensor it can also indicate engine or oil temperature.these meters are available with a black or white face chrome or black housing and red or blue dial illumination housings are 48 mm in diameter and have the switch button installed in the lower cap the switch button installed in the lower cap meters can also be fitted in our 48 mm diameter meter caps and brackets when you re-locate the

speedo accessoiries electronic speed sensors transmission mounted oem equipment speed sensor.available for sportster and big twin models speed sensors will also fit zodiac 5 and 6 speed transmissions all eco-line 5 and 6 speed transmissions as well as most other aftermarket 5 and 6 speed transmissions including right side drive transmissions 237509 speed sensor 1996-1999 720179 speed sensor 744491 fits softail 2000 thru 2006 and flh/flt series models 2000 thru 2006 oem 74430-00d 744487 fits 1995 thru 2004 sportster oem 74402-95b 744492 fits 2005 to present sportster 2006 to present dyna 2007 to present softail and 2007 to present flh and flt series models oem 74402-05 cable guide bracket chrome plated bracket used as a cable guide for routing clutch or speedo cables on many harley models also usable as gas line routing or tie-down/bungee cord bracket sold in 10 pack oem 38623-68 090067 cable guide bracket fat bubba t-bar meter bracket aluminum mounting bracket with show chrome finish

speedo accessoiries mw billet aluminum speedo brackets for t-bars these billet aluminum speedo tacho brackets are designed to bolt straight on to any 1 t-bar with stock center to center distance and take the 48 mm mini mmb meters the rubber inserts that are integrated in the clamping section help to isolate your instruments from the bike s vibrations no hardware exposed for a clean custom look available for single or dual meters and with and without factory idiot lights and all beautifully high-gloss polished 710440 fits single mini meter mw billet aluminum risers these squared mw risers are cnc machined from solid blocks of billet aluminum and have a beautiful polished finish.they slightly pull back and give a rise of 2 3/8 60 mm 710399 squared billet aluminum 2 3/8 high risers 710437 fits single mini meter and control lights indicator lights oem type indicator lights for 5/16 holes oil indicator shows a red lighted oil canister icon high beam a blue high beam icon neutral