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2018_zdc_h09_2018-2019 29-9-2018 19:37 pagina 025 transmission transmission parts 5 speed big-twin luggage audio more transmission shafts 237065 main shaft 1997-2006 237066 counter shaft 1980-2006 seats exhaust electric light zodiac s 5 speed big twin transmission gears main shafts and counter shafts performance machine scallop transmission top cover pm billet aluminum top transmission covers for 2000 thru 2006 softail and 2001 thru 2006 flh and flt series touring models your choice of chrome black contrast cut that shows bare aluminum accents black platinum cut with polished accents or black ops pm s proprietary two-tone black that combines textured and gloss black that matches perfectly with the black wrinkle on engines and transmissions 752336 752337 752339 752338 chrome black contrast cut black platinum cut black ops the new line of zodiac s 5 speed big twin transmission gears and shafts is now available there are other transmission parts on the market but none are as economically priced nor have they quality in engineering and cad/cam design as these gears and shafts these precision parts are cnc manufactured by one of the worlds leading automotive transmission factories the material selected is a high stress 20crmnt gear steel gears and shafts are tempered and stress released to a core hardness of 35 to 45 rockwell and have a surface hardness of 58 to 60 rockwell all gears are lapped after hardening for a smooth tooth surface that guarantees a noiseless and trouble free transmission for ten-thousands of miles available are the latest model gears and shafts for 5 speed big twin 1994-2006 will also fit the 19901993 models if replaced as a complete set including shafts can also be used in 1985-1989 models when you convert to a 1990-up style spline shaft clutch all gears are separately available complete gear and shaft set 237075 gear set includes washers and clips main shaft gears alu-tec billet aluminum trap door for 5 speed big twin transmissions cnc machined to the tightest tolerances out of solid aircraft quality aluminum economically priced but still strong enough for use in 100 horsepower engines accept stock bearings retaining rings and transmission end cover 234202 machined finish 19801998 oem 35250-90b 735003 machined finish 19992006 oem 35251-93c 35252-93b 396009 trap door to transmission gasket oem 35652-79b 396008 trap door to clutch control cover gasket oem 36801-87a 237067 1st gear main shaft oem 35025-79b 237068 2nd gear main shaft oem 35026-94 237072 3rd gear main shaft oem 35027-94 jims billet trap door for 5 237069 4th gear main shaft speed big twin transmission oem 35028-94 manufactured out of a solid block of 7075-t651 aluminum for 100 horse 237070 5th gear main shaft oem 35029-94 power engines the bearing bores are held perpendicular to the mounting flange to approx .0002 trap door counter shaft gears will accept early or late transmission 237071 1st gear counter shaft end cover fits 1980-1998 5 speed big oem 35622-79c twin models 237072 2nd gear counter shaft 234096 trap door chrome oem 35027-94 237068 3rd gear counter shaft oem 35026-94 237073 4th gear counter shaft oem 35625-94 237074 counter shaft 5th gear oem 35626-94 engine electrics intake engine transmission mounting plates for softail models primary an exact reproduction of the 5 speed transmission mounting plate as used on all 5 speed softail models from 1987 thru 1999 oem 47698-86b will also fit our wide-tail softail frame 032418 transmission mounting plate chrome 734059 transmission mounting plate raw steel transmission final drive wheels tire brake foot control handlebar kit bikes front suspension studs for softail transmission housing high grade steel replacement studs for all 4 and 5 speed transmissions from 1984 thru 1999 sold in packs of 5 234537 3/8 unf x 7/16 unc 1.30 long oem 11733a chassis frame shocks fenders struts gas tank instrument oil tank filter line fasteners mirrors windshields oil chemicals tools retro-fit starter motor adapter the retro-fit starter motor adapter is made by delkron to enable you to fit a 1987 thru 1989 starter motor on a 1990 to present transmission housing 236251 retro-fit starter motor adapter techtips cross ref zpn cross ref zpn page alphabetical index 09 025