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2018_zdc_h09_2018-2019 29-9-2018 19:38 pagina 028 transmission transmission parts 5 speed big-twin 01 02 03 04 05 a 06 07 b 08 c 09 10 11 12 d 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 andrews 5 speed transmission gears for big twins jims 5 speed main shafts jims 1st gear close ratio set available in three models to cover all 5 speed big twin models from 1980 to present 234090 fits 1980 thru 1984 bearing diameter 1.000 oem 35042-79 234091 fits 1985 thru 1989 bearing diameter 1.000 oem 35042-85 234092 fits 1991 thru 2006 bearing diameter is .9845 oem 35042-91 must be used with 1991 thru 2006 main drive gear makes first gear higher for lighter bikes and high performance motors for more miles per hour in first gear ramping has been machined in for cleaner and more positive shifting this 2 piece gear set replaces both the first gear main shaft oem 35025-cr as well as the as first gear counter shaft oem 35622-cr 234048 close ratio first gear set 5 speed counter shaft fits big twin models 1980 thru 2006 234093 counter shaft jims zodiac countershaft 5th gear for 1980 thru 1993 big twin zodiac transmission parts last longer shift better and just plain run better made from stronger-than-stock alloy steel and machined to perfection within oem specifications for a perfect fit and long wear this countershaft 5th gear is stock replacement for the 17 tooth gear as found on 1980 thru 1993 5-speed big twin models 396021 countershaft 5th gear oem 35626-79b 25 26 27 09 028 5 speed shifter cam big twin the 5 speed gear box has actually been around for a few years but the growing number of modifications has created a lot more interest in it in addition to close ratio first gears andrews products also makes replacement gears for 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th gear sets as with the close first gears all 5 speed gears are made from high nickel alloy and heat treated and shot-peened to give maximum durability and strength also where applicable lead-in ramps have been machined into most gears to improve shifting and reduce wear on drive dogs and drive slots note if these gears are installed in 1994-2006 models gears must be installed in pairs mainshaft countershaft gear stock ratio first gear set these 3.24 stock ratio gears fit 5 speed big twins 1980 thru 2006 made from high nickel steel to insure the best quality precision made replacement shifter 232456 first gear mainshaft 18 cam replaces oem 33320-79a thru tooth oem 32025-79b d fits 1980 thru 1997 models as well 232457 first gear countershaft 31 as most aftermarket transmissions tooth oem 35622-79c 237895 shifter drum without pillow blocks 5 speed shifter forks 1980 thru 2006 precision made replacement shifter forks meets factory standards 237900 shifter fork 1st 2nd eastern usa oem 34191-79c thru e 781116 shifter fork 1st 2nd vtwin mfg oem 34191-79c thru e 237898 shifter fork 3rd 5th eastern usa oem 34193-79c thru e 781117 shifter fork 3rd 5th v-twin mfg oem 34193-79c thru e 237899 shifter fork 4th eastern usa oem 34195-79c thru e 781118 shifter fork 4th v-twin mfg oem 34195-79c thru e 781119 set with all 3 shifter forks v-twin mfg 2.94 close ratio 1st gear set this 1st gears provide true close ratio shifting into 2nd at peak rpm these gears add 5 mph of usable speed to the 1st gear 234700 andrews 1st gear set stock 2nd and 3rd gears high nickel steel parts with lead-in ramps for quicker more positive shifting all drive edges are shot peened for greater wear resistance 234701 2nd main-shaft and 3rd counter-shaft gear oem 35026-79c 234702 3rd main-shaft and 2nd counter-shaft gear oem 35027-79b stock 4th gears high nickel steel gears that feature lead-in ramps and shot peening 234704 4th main-shaft gear oem 35028-79b 234703 4th counter-shaft gear 1987 to present also replaces the gear and spacer used in all earlier 5 speed transmissions oem 35625-79a stock main drive gears for chain drive high nickel steel parts with main-shaft gears made as one piece for maximum strength main drive gear also hasleadin ramps for quick positive shifting 234706 main-shaft drive gear oem 35029-79 234705 counter shaft drive gear oem 35626-79b stock main drive gears for belt drive big twins high nickel steel parts for maximum strength main drive gears also have lead-in ramps for quick positive shifting 234707 main-shaft drive gear 1985 thru 1990 oem 35029-85 234708 main-shaft drive gear 1991 thru 2006 oem 35029-91a 234705 counter shaft drive gear oem 35626-79b internal transmission ratios gear close change stock change 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 2.94 2.21 1.60 1.23 1.00 25 27 23 19 3.25 2.21 1.60 1.23 1.00 32 27 23 19%