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2018_zdc_h09_2018-2019 29-9-2018 19:39 pagina 041 transmission kickstart kit parts luggage audio more seats exhaust electric light engine electrics kickstarter kits for sportster complete kicker kits with all required hardware transmission counter shaft kicker arm kicker pedal and sprocket cover kits for 2004 to present models also include a transmission main shaft due to the wide variety of stock and aftermarket exhausts it can happen that the starter pedal interferes with your exhaust system s&s reproduction transmission covers for 4-speed big twin intake these s&s/flathead power engine reproduction covers are as close to original as you can get without actually stealing one from a factory primary museum bike externally authentic to kickstart kit and replacement parts for big-twins this kit is designed to add a kick-starter to all 4 speed big twins 1936 thru the smallest detail yet improved with 1986 kit includes chrome plated reinforced kick cover gears clutches stops new technology inside boss transmission springs and all hardware needed does not include kick arm and pedal to give imperfections in the casting have been meticulously duplicated to represent you the option to install the arm and pedal of your choice final drive the casting capabilities of the era but 292100 kickstart kit complete oem 33055-78a that s where s&s has drawn the line 292103 kickstart kit without kick cover fits 1991 thru 2003 sportster these covers are cast in 356-t6 wheelstire 781199 with raw aluminum aluminum and 100 cnc machined sprocket cover replacement parts to achieve the quality standards s&s 781200 with chrome sprocket a 292070 chrome kick cover oem 33277-36a brake is known for the inside of the cover is cover a 292010 polished kick cover oem 33277-36a an all-new design additional material b 290224 bumper-plate 1936 thru 1977 oem 33353-36 has been added around the kicker boss fits 2004 thru 2006 sportster b 290298 bumper-plate 1978 thru 1984 oem 33553-78 foot for strength and stability a single control 781201 with raw aluminum c 290230 bumper-plate screw oem 1864b bushing used for complete oiling a sprocket cover 290223 oil deflector oem 33429-39 stealthy modern small diameter seal handlebar e 290227 spring starter clutch oem 33391-36 781202 with chrome sprocket is hidden after assembly no more cover f 292017 starter gear main-shaft 16t oem 33430-50 outer dry bearing seizures f 292038 starter gear main-shaft 14t oem 33430-59 kit bikes fits 2007 to present sportster g 292007 starter clutch oem 33381-39 features and benefits 781203 with raw aluminum h 290225 tab washer starter clutch 10 pack oem 33396-39 • authentic detailing in cover casting front sprocket cover i 292015 nut starter clutch oem 7911 suspension • updates and improvements 781204 with chrome sprocket j 292011 key starter clutch 10 pack oem 33393-50 cover k 292003 starter shaft oem 33096-54b eliminate problems of original covers chassis frame • utilizes your stock hardware and l 292013 chrome 1959 thru 1985 style internal threaded #10-24 to shocks fit spring cover zpn 301190 oem 33150-59 33151-80 on filler plug gasket included all 1936 thru 1985 big twins genuine zodiac oem 33152 • heavy duty kicker boss with single fenders struts 59 bushing m 292016 thrust washer starter shaft oem 33080-36 gas tank n 292012 gear starter shaft oem 33350-36 there are three different covers instrument available o 292014 fits 1937-1979 10 pack oem 2080-16 33082-16 • the g6 cover duplicates the external p 290231 nut starter shaft oem 7977 oil tank shape for 1940 thru 1947 the g6 filter line q 291222 chrome spring starter shaft oem 33085-36 cover has a stamped in part number just as the original the g6 date code fasteners stands for june of 1946 • the j7 cover is authentic external for 1948 thru 1950 this j7 cover has a mirrors raised cast-on part number that was authentic from 1948 thru 1950 the j7 date code stands for october of windshields big twin kick starter spring 1947 fits 1936 thru 1984 big twins oil • the 00 cover has no part number or chemicals oem 33085-36 tools date code it was created with the 291222 chrome genuine zodiac 781173 black painted v-twin mfg custom application in mind where 781174 parkerized v-twin mfg authenticity isn t a must or polishing or other finished is desired oil deflector with screws for 752133 g6 date code as stock techtips cross ref zpn kick-start spring cover big twin on 1940 thru 1947 big fits all big twin kick-start models 1941 fits over the kick-start spring on fl twins cross ref thru 1984 models 1941 thru 1969 complete 752132 j7 date code as stock zpn page 290223 fits 1941-1979 with mounting screw has show1948 thru 1950 big twins chrome finish oem 33150-59 oem 2149-39 752134 00 date code fits all alphabetical 33429-39 index 301190 kick start sping cover 1940 thru 1950 big twins 290291 fits 1980-1984 oem 33429-80 09 041