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2018_zdc_h09_2018-2019 29-9-2018 19:40 pagina 045 transmission kickstart kit parts luggage audio more seats exhaust chrome simulated starter kit this custom designed simulated kick starter kit gives you those great looks of a vintage kick-starter operated bike but when operated it will engage your electric starter by means of a hidden electric switch consequently this kick starter kit gives you that old school look and feeling without the effort of old style kick starters another great advantage is that the cover features a hydraulic clutch release mechanism hydraulic operation of the clutch is much easier than cable operated the kit is very easy to install and comes beautifully chrome plated it is cnc made from 6061-t6 aluminum and includes kick starter arm and pedal as shown in the picture a hydraulic handlebar master cylinder and hydraulic line must be ordered separately on some models the separate purchase of a kick starter arm zpn290312 or zpn290313 is needed to clear for the exhaust system when the stock clutch control is fitted with hex head or serrated allen head screws you will also need new allen head screws kit fits all left side drive 5 and 6 speed big twin transmissions from 1986 thru 2006 except 2006 dyna 302194 chrome simulated kick starter kit with hydraulic clutch release 053137 optional stock style clutch master cylinder 233332 chrome 1/4-20x2 1/4 allen head screws 10-pack electric light kick starter arm for early big twin perfect copy from the kick starter arm as found on 1937 thru 1954 ohv and side valve big twins 781149 chrome oem 33063-36a kick starter chrome kick starter fits 1977 thru 781150 black oem 33063-36a 1984 fx fxe fxef and 1977 thru 1980 fxs and fxb swings at base to clear original equipment exhaust will also work with most aftermarket exhaust systems available with stockstyle round rubber or rotating oval rubber 290313 kick starter with round rubber oem 33057-77 33074-77 290312 kick starter with oval rubber 358032 round kick starter pedal rubber oem 33189-63 magnum chrome kick starter kick-start shaft and washers for sportster replacement kick-start shaft and parts fits sportster models 1957 thru 1976 292002 kick-start shaft oem 33094-57a 290228 lock-washer starter gear nut 10 pk oem 3336252 290229 thrust washer starter gear oem 33110-54 231799 kick-start shaft shims .007 10 pack oem 6802 engine electrics intake engine primary transmission final drive wheels tire brake arm this heavy-duty kicker arm is 1 longer-than-stock and made from forged steel which is highly polished and then beautifully chrome plated the extra length provides greater leverage for added kicking power 290294 kick starter arm foot control handlebar kit bikes front suspension chassis frame shocks straight kick arm for fl models chrome plated early style straight kick-start arm sits closer to the chassis and was fitted as original equipment on fl models 1954 thru 1969 and fx models 1971 thru 1972 this kick arm will not clear most aftermarket exhaust systems but will work with original equipment exhaust systems oem 33068-54 292037 straight kickarm starter pedal for 45ci wr model exact duplicate of the starter pedal as found on wr models comes complete with bolt set pedal has a parkerized finish 238921 wr starter pedal oem 2091-16s fenders struts gas tank instrument kick-start pedal old style rubber kick-start pedal fits all models 1936-1977 includes bushing and spring clip oem 33175-16a 358004 kickstart pedal 358017 kickstart pedal rubber oil tank filter line fasteners mirrors windshields oil chemicals tools starter ratchet and gear this kit up-dates the early style clutch gear set up on 1957 thru 1970 xlxlh-xlch models to the improved late style includes starter ratchet starter gear spacer bushing rivets and spacer oem 33379-57 33432-73 8215 37754-74 kit oem 3340074 292040 starter ratchet and gear extra heavy-duty kick-start arm this beefed-up heavy-duty kick arm is made from forged steel which is highly polished and then beautiful chrome plated kick arm chrome plated designed for use with chrome-plated drop forged kick arm large cubic engines fits big twin and fits all models big twin and sportster sportster models 1936 to present oem 33057-72 292102 kickstart arm 292020 kickstarter arm techtips cross ref zpn kick pedal with chrome end fits all pre-1977 style kick arms has beautiful show chrome finish one piece forged construction with black rubber 362062 kickpedal cross ref zpn page alphabetical index 09 045