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2018_zdc_h11_2018-2019 10-10-2018 8:48 pagina 007 wheels tire pm rsd wheels how to create a part number for your pm wheel step 1 select ch for chrome bm for contrast cut -bmp for platinum cut -sbm for black ops smbm for contrast ops -smc for machine ops or leave blank when you want a polished wheel step 2 this will create a pm size/design part number as there are thousands of possible combinations there is also a price code given the price code must be used in conjunction with the completed pm part number step 3 select your bike s front wheel id number and rear wheel id number from the list.if you have changed the front end of your bike select the appropriate number for the actual front end this information tells us what kind of bike you have and decides the hub dimensions of the wheel note larger than stock wheels for abs equipped touring models come with special sensor plates to assure proper functioning of the abs system luggage audio more seats exhaust electric light engine electrics your completed partnumber is intake engine primary transmission final drive wheels tire brake foot control handlebar serie design finish kit bikes image dixon image domino image formula image gasser image heathen image hooligan polished chrome contrast cut polished chrome polished chrome contrast cut platinum cut polished chrome contrast cut platinum cut polished chrome contrast cut platinum cut polished chrome front suspension 7606dxn 7612dxn 7706dxn 7716dxn 7806dxn 7809dxn 7814dxn 7825dxn 7825dxn1 7832dxn1 7834dxn1 7903dxn 7905dxn 7103dxn 7106dxn 7106dxnaj 7306dxn 9606dxn 9008dxn 7606dom 7612dom 7706dom 7716dom 7806dom 7809dom 7814dom 7825dom 7825dom1 7832dom1 7834dom1 7903dom 7905dom 7103dom 7106dom 7106domaj 7306dom 9606dom 7606frm 7612frm 7706frm 7716frm 7806frm 7809frm 7814frm 7825frm 7825frm1 7832frm1 7834frm1 7903frm 7905frm 7103frm 7106frm 7106frmaj 7306frm 9606frm 9008frm 7606gas 7612gas 7706gas 7716gas 7806gas 7809gas 7814gas 7825gas 7825gas1 7832gas1 7834gas1 7903gas 7905gas 7103gas 7106gas 7106gasaj 7306gas 9606gas 7606hea 7612hea 7706hea 7716hea 7806hea 7809hea 7814hea 7825hea 7825hea1 7832hea1 7834hea1 7903hea 7905hea 7103hea 7106hea 7106heaaj 7303hea 9606hea 7606hoo 7612hoo 7706hoo 7716hoo 7806hoo 7809hoo 7814hoo 7825hoo 7825hoo1 7832hoo1 7834hoo1 7903hoo 7103hoo 7106hoo 7106hooaj 7306hoo 9606hoo gas tank instrument chassis frame shocks fenders struts size 16 x3.50 16 x5.00 17 x3.50 17 x6.00 18 x3.50 18 x4.25 18 x5.50 18 x8.50 18 x8.50 w/1 axle 18 x10.00 w/1 axle 18 x10.50 w/1 axle 19 x2.15 19 x3.00 21 x2.15 21 x3.50 21 x3.50 touring 2014-up 23 x3.50 26 x3.50 30 x4.00 oil tank filter line fasteners mirrors windshields oil chemicals tools techtips cross ref zpn cross ref zpn page alphabetical index www.zodiac.nl 11 007