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12 x 12 tiles 3 14 center to center of hole cable rs485 replacement kit r0535100 pressure relief valve kit pvc schedule 40 pvc pipe schedule 40 pvc pipe pvc schedule 40 pipe gas pressure test kit gas pressure test kits ball bearing 34 fit 34 shaft 30 30 assembly stainless steel ball bearings stainless steel ball bearing in line fuse holder in line fuse holders light and light covers zodiac by zodiac zodiac by zodiac by zodiac low voltage panel catalog low voltage panel parts catalog touch up paint catalog the products the catalog of commerce price list for catalogs salt water filter system vacuum release systems gas valve propane gas valves propane disposable filter bag refrigerant thermal expansion valve led light 120v heat exchanger tubes heat exchanger tube 230 vac fan wire harness ignition gallons per minute gauge titanium heat exchangers heater pressure relief valve gallons per minute lp gas valve wiring harness ignition switch variable speed pumps lp gas valves o ring drain plug 0 psi water pressure switch 4 psi water pressure switch 3 pin connector pcb underwater led light brass drain plugs door latch assembly natural gas pipe type 2 heat exchanger wiring harness assembly quick disconnect couplers relief valve kit tire pressure relief valve

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we’re going big with equipment we’re looking forward to our most exciting launch year yet we’ve designed every new product to be simpler faster to install and more reliable than ever before simply radiant nicheless led lights »» rgbw technology for brighter white light and reduced color distortion »» 250 brighter than first-generation jandy models »» savi lights available for use with competitor’s automation systems »» requires no bonding or traditional niches and are installed using a standard 1-1/2” fitting »» redundant-seal technology protects lights from water

pump parts epumpâ„¢ svrs variable-speed pump key no part no description size hp qty 2.0 1 all 1 1 1 1 8 8 r0562205 motor w drive epump svrs series r0445200 backplate jep mechanical seal carbon mechanical seal ceramic o-ring bolts washers 3 r0445305 impeller assembly shp php jep 2.0 1 4 r0445400 diffuser w o-ring and hardware all 1 5 r0479400 mechanical seal carbon mechanical seal ceramic all 1 1 6 r0445601 body pump jep all 1 r0445700 motor mounting foot assembly shp/jep screws 8 key no part no description size hp qty 13 r0479000 blue pressure test o-ring all 1 14 r0446300 o-ring backplate all 1 15 r0446400 o-ring tail piece set of 2 all 2 16 r0446500 diffuser/impeller hardware screw w o-ring self-sealing impeller mounting screw diffuser mounting washer diffuser mounting o-ring diffuser 17 r0446600 backplate hardware bolts washers all 8 8 all 1 2 18 r0446700 motor hardware bolts washers all 4 4 r0446800 screws motor mounting foot all 2 all 1 1 1 19 r0445800 locking ring lid

filter parts cs series cartridge filter part #cs100 cs150 cs200 cs250 key no part no description 1 r0461900 top housing assembly cs100 cs150 1 r0462000 top housing assembly cs200 cs250 2 r0462700 o-ring tank top 3 r0462100 inlet diffuser 4 r0462200 cartridge element 100 sq ft cs100 4 r0462300 cartridge element 150 sq ft cs150 4 r0462400 cartridge element 200 sq ft cs200 4 r0462500 cartridge element 250 sq ft cs250 5 r0461800 5 r0462600 tailpiece cap and union nut set set of 3 50mm 6 r0462801 breather tube cs100 cs150 6 r0462802 breather tube cs200 cs250 7 r0462900 bottom housing assembly 8 r0556900 pressure gauge 0–60 psi 9 r0468200 clean/dirty snap ring 10 r0557100 pressure gauge adapter 11 r0557200 air release valve 12 13 14 15 r0466300 r0522900 r0523000 r0484100 8 9 11 10 12 1 2 tailpiece cap and union nut set set of 3 2 x 2½ 6 4 o-ring set universal half union 1/pk drain cap assembly cs filter locking tab 5 13 3,7 12 15 12 7 5 14 12 5 13 74 2016 zodiac pool

heater parts lxi™ low nox diagram for lxi low nox heater on pages 109–110 key no part no description n/s r0484303 vent adapter kit 8 400 n/s r0484406 vent accessory kit 6 † † vent accessory kit 7 † † 250 n/s r0484407 n/s r0484408 vent accessory kit 8 † † † 5 vent accessory kits contain model no 300 400 1-appliance adapter 1-12 length of pipe 1-wall thimble 1-horizontal termination † † 6 7 8 vent accessory kits contain 1-appliance adapter 3-12 lengths of pipe 1-90 degree elbow 1-wall thimble 1-horizontal termination optional n/s r0468803 noncombustible base 250 n/s r0468804 noncombustible base 300 n/s r0468805 noncombustible base 400 n/s r0335800 touch-up paint black and pewter all n/s r0336000 temperature rise measurement kit all n/s r0336100 pressure relief valve all n/s r0322800 high temp silicone sealant all n/s r0467200 pump relay kit all r0467500 remote control panel and mounting kit all n/s n/s-not

heat pump parts ae 1000 heat pump mfg 2003–2006 discontinued part no description part no description c-0167 c-0168 c-0169 r3009500 r3008700 c-0699 c-0704 r3000701 r3000801 r0490600 r3000901 1000 beige base 1000 beige top 1000 beige front smoked digital cover control panel 4 buttons frame 1000 beige i door ae 500 fan motor ½ hp 40 amp 2 pole contacter 3-wire high pressure switch 50 amp transformer 240/24 r3001000 water pressure switch r3001800 m-0363 m-0384 m-0385 m-0393 m-0409 r3001700 r3002900 r3002200 r0500100 p-0493 p-0494 ae fan guard 350/500 lg ht sentry gasket scroll comp foot insert scroll comp foot remote air hose 5⁄8 split loom ae 24 fan blade water temp sensor 3⁄8 drain fit tihx 1⁄8 plastic barb fitting 3⁄8 drain cock brass base-pan 3⁄8 drain fit base pan e-0172 e-0211 e-0869 e-0903 r3001600 r3007400 h-0295 m-0353 m-0356 6/14 ground lugs 60/7.5/370 capacitor bristol scroll com p plug 17 pin digital fm block 17 pin digital

automation parts aquaswitch™ standard power center discontinued part 7300 3 4 7 1 9 5 8 2 10 11 12 6 key no part no description 1 6781 custom decal set includes lights and general 2 7312 decal aquaswitch faceplate 3 7502 switch spdt rocker double use part 7299 4 7313 switch spst rocker single use part 7299 5 7200 pcb aquaswitch power center 6 7522 remote wiring harness for jandy® pro series lite™ heater 7 7294 faceplate plastic housing use part 7299 8 7299 controller complete 9 7152 time clock kit 10 r0466400 transformer kit 120/24 vac 11 r0658100 3 hp relay w harness 12 6918 screw kit n/s 7343 cable 4 pair 22 gauge per foot n/s 7727 aquaswitch to jandy pro series lx™/lt™ heater wiring harness not sold separately n/s not shown 2016 zodiac pool systems inc product catalog

water sanitizer parts sensors aquapure® purelink™ fusion soft and chlormatic® part no description r0403700 flow sensor threaded cm3 w 8 cord flat multi-pin connector r0403800 flow sensor threaded cm3 w 16 cord flat multi-pin connector r0452500 flow sensor slotted 3-port cell 16 flat multi-pin connector r0476400 sensor kit slotted 3-port cell 25 includes sensor o-ring r0539800 flow sensor threaded cm2 w 8 cord rj45 “phone-jack” style connector old part fss102 r0539801 flow sensor threaded cm2 w 16 cord rj45 “phone-jack” style connector old part fss103 r0403700 flow sensor cm3 8 old part fss302 r0403800 flow sensor cm3 16 old part fss303 1 nature 2 ® professional g vessel part w25904 key no part no description 1 w15212 1 n/s w13073 n/s 2 2 2 w13061 w28125 w28135 w28145 professional g life indicator o-ring for 2-piece locking ring cap not shown inside cap o-ring for 1-piece cap g25 cartridge 4/pk old part w26725 g35 cartridge 4/pk old

deck jets deck jets deck jets create shimmering arcs of water from the deck into the pool or spa polished bronze composite coverplates provide a rich finish to the installed jets the deck jets can be installed in almost any combination and since they can be adjusted 360° the dazzling effects they create can be changed again and again to meet your customer’s mood the deck jets are packed in a set of four and include a pressure plug along with the polished bronze composite deck coverplates they are 2½ inches in diameter • polished bronze composite coverplates provide an elegant finish • fully adjustable up to 360° swivel nozzles • packaged in a set of four includes pressure testing plug part no description jdj2004 deck jets 4/pk r0560400 nozzle replacements 4/pk r0561200 coverplates 4/pk bronze deck jets typical deck jet installation deck jet water volume pressure chart 266 gallons us gpm 3.0 4.0 5.0 feet of head 3.9 7.9 11.0 height of jet 3.0

polaris cleaner parts ® polaris 9450 sport robotic part f9450 18 30 27 7 6 4 28 19 29 5 1 8 26 14 12 16 13 14 19 2 17 13 14 32 9 11 19 14 3 22 20 11 10 25 19 24 10 31 23 15 21 2016 zodiac pool systems inc product catalog

zodiac cleaner accessories ® zodiac cleaner accessories part no description part no frv100 flow regulator valve w24100 clc500 cyclonic leaf catcher r0691700 clc500 strainer basket w46155 r0623400 clc500 relief valve w69742 r0623300 clc500 o-ring seal r0532400 w26705 leaf catcher w43905 leaf catcher basket r0533300 leaf catcher hose adapter r0538800 w44000 leaf catcher o-ring seal r0595300 w44700 leaf catcher lid top x77094 suction fitting adapter r0697100 manual vac head hose adaptor r0541900 description universal return line diverter 2/pk wheel deflector 16 turquoise ranger® wheel adapter twist-lock 45° elbow ext wheel deflector hose mount blue quick release wheel deflector blue adjustable elbow for w26705 leaf catcher -limited quantity available while supplies last disc-discontinued cyclonic leaf catcher clc500 leaf catcher w26705 flow regulator valve frv100 16 wheel deflector w46155 wheel deflector hose mount blue r0541900 quick release wheel

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