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Jewish Studies 2015

2005 national jewish book award in history jewish book council of related interest to the series a jewish renaissance in fifteenth- ... century spain one of the outstanding reference sources for 2014 reference and user ... services association american library association mark d meyerson “in his eloquent style [ ... meyerson highlights the complex inner workings of a multicultural society such as that of medieval morvedre and

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History and Philosophy of Science 2014

new edition with an introduction by brian greene the meaning of relativity albert einstein from a review of the 1956 edition “ ... einstein’s little book serves as an excellent tying-together of loose ends and as a broad survey of the subject.” — ... lectures for that year these four lectures constituted an overview of his then-controversial theory of relativity princeton university

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Neurology 2012/13

14 parkinson’s disease oxford american neurology library rating scales in parkinson’s disease ... clinical practice and research edited by cristina sampaio univesity of lisbon portugal christopher g goetz rush university medical center ... for researches from the medical and social sciences and for health professionals wishing to evaluate the progress of their patients suffering from

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October to December 2014

medicine health academic professional philosophical issues in psychiatry iii the nature and sources of ... virginia commonwealth university usa and josef parnas university of copenhagen t presents a truly interdisciplinary discussion of the ... how substantial “internal” advances in our knowledge of the nature and causes of psychiatric illness have interacted with a

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Wireless Instruments and Communications 2015

by trained service technicians to provide clear access to the ir port of the transmitter the removal of the cover also facilitates access to ... options spline shaft non-sparking actuators required d-shaped shaft or namur-style shaft interface namur mounting adapter plate available calibration ... guide and dd files reduce wiring material and labor costs quickly retrofit existing equipment reduce system complexity configure set points

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History 2013

services as a multinational effort to coordinate an anti-communist offensive drawing on exclusive sources and the memories of its participants ... campaign the people and ideas that lay behind it and the rise and fall of this remarkable network during the cold war contents list of ... illustrations series preface acknowledgements list of abbreviations introduction the communist challenge anti-communism

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New Books Apr-Jun 2013

from colonial times to freud andrew burstein charles p manship professor of history louisiana state university usa author of the passions of ... www.palgrave.com/products /title.aspx?pid=642663 a revealing portrait of two of our most iconic leaders eleanor roosevelt and adlai stevenson and ... their extraordinary relationship stephen schlesinger author of act of creation the founding of the united nations the mutually energizing

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Tools 2014
Open Page 6 of Tools 2014 by HAZET

of n model chrome-plated chrome-plated heads highly polished structure of the tables 4 ö l d d1 d2 l1 l2 m s sb st t to r ean european article number ... with pin for outside h screws is the trademark of the co acument intellectual properties llc hazet ... is licensee for the manufacture of torx® tools structure of the hazet article ... number n case of a single article you will find i e.g the wrench

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Globalization & International Relations 2013

preferences of the power bloc e.tahsin akel a socio-political profile of greek-cypriot communism g.charalambous turkish cypriot left an ... of a global manufacturing base `new wine new bottles the emergence of a new style village collective from tractors to automobiles household economic ... divided cyprus a society in a state of transformation n.trimikliniotis u ... in the hydrocarbon era from a place of arms to an energy player n.

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Bimetal Thermometers

up to 24 are standard with specials up to 60 minimum stem length of 6 on adjustable union asme b-40.3 meets standards set by the american society of ... new 3bcj · 5bcj · 3aj · 5aj now available with adjustable union fitting new adjustable union fitting ... optional adjustable union shown below easily adjusts the stem to the ... full depth of your thermowell for metal to metal contact

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2012-2013 Criminal Justice

the functional organization of police forces comparing the different styles of policing policing styles community policing zero tolerance policing ... includes new tables and content on specifying and defining major ... categories and types of transnational crimes as well as comparisons of ... to compare contrast and illustrate a variety of criminal justice systems england depicts the

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Shoes Spring 2012

from reagan through bush ii raised his right hand for the oath of office our calfskin park avenues were on his feet president obama also wears ... great depression world war ii the social upheaval of the 1960s the leisure suit and disco insanities ... of the 1970s the demise or mass offshore exodus of almost all other u.s shoe manufacturers a 1984 ... our production capacity the casualization of american business dress in the go-go 1990s the ensuing

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Oxmoor House Fall 2013/Winter 2014

and hometown flavor klexan de e l ly a r 2/12/13 4:57 pm no region of america is home to more unique food or more cherished cooking ... serve up unique local dishes and strum their own special versions of the biscuits-and-grits repertoire the recipes prepared with a ... flavor that celebrate southern towns large and small from the plains of texas to the plateaus of the piedmont from dixie land to cajun

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Business Finance Economics 2012

individual company level the book develops simple formal expositions of existing attempts to model the impact of behavioural bias on investor ... numerical examples from the financial press and business life table of contents · part i foundations · part ii asset pricing · part iii ... corporate finance · part iv the professions isbn 9788126529360 amex and more expanded coverage is also

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U.S. Multicultural Studies February 2011

on latina/o anthropology the projects lillian lorca de tagle is living proof of women s progress in the twentieth century born into a privileged yet ... mexican border are home to some 400,000 people often lacking basic services such as electricity water ... and health care these irregular subdivisions offer the only low-cost housing available to the ... working poor this book presents the results of a major study of colonias in three transborder

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Anthropology and Archaeology February 2011

anthropology texas and the u s.­mexico border continued in search of the blues new 38 a journey to the soul of black texas by bill ... minutaglio the rich complex lives of african americans in texas were often neglected by the mainstream media which historically seldom ventured ... in the 1970s few large publications had more than a token number of african american journalists and they barely acknowledged the things

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Texana February 2011

1900 continued big thicket people larry jene fisher s photographs of the last southern frontier by thad sitton and c.e hunt foreword by ... maxine johnston living off the land hunting fishing and farming along with a range of ... specialized crafts that provided barter or cash income was a way of life that persisted well into the twentieth century in the big ... thicket of southeast texas before this way of life ended with world war ii professional photographer larry jene

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Books in Print August 2012

isbn-13 prefix 978-0-292 university of texas press p.o box 7819 austin texas 78713-7819 27 great confusion ... in indian affairs holm tom great syrian revolt and the rise of arab nationalism provence michael great texas birds o neill john p ... and social status golden mark green anthony gods demons and symbols of ancient mesopotamia black jeremy green donald e land of the ... greek history 480­431 bc the alternative version 2006 336 pp 8 maps 1 table paper 71277-5 $19.95 diodorus siculus the persian wars to the fall

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Art and Architecture February 2011

of general interest multicultural comics from zap to blue beetle by ... the thirteen essays tease out for the general reader the nuances of how such multicultural comics skillfully combine visual and verbal ... to tell richly compelling stories that gravitate around issues of race ethnicity gender and sexuality within and outside the u.s comic ... book industry among the explorations of mainstream and independent comic books are discussions of the work of

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Allied Health Catalog 2010-11

it raises questions about health law issues such as emergence of the u.s as a player in the global health care industry innovative new ... approaches to the payer/provider model and the future of tailored therapeutics the text provides a comprehensive overview of ... the text is divided into thirteen broad parts ranging from an overview of specific health laws and affordable health care to producers of

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