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Continuing Education Bulletin

of the current illustration environment the development and application of the illustrator’s brand and identity tools in different ... illustration rules of the road ilc-3833-a wed jan 25–april 19 ... editors how do i become an author and producer of my own projects this course will answer these ... while teaching skills that demystify the process of creating powerful illustration each week will

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TRITEC Product-Catalogue 2017

storage systems dc system kostal piko ba – the energy storage system for ... numerous applications intelligent and powerful the kostal piko ba energy storage system ... a high-quality as well as powerful battery system optimum coordination of all components and their high quality bring about a system which ... achieves best efficiencies and ensures many years of efficient utilization innovative inverter technology 182 with a

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X-Complete Guide 2016

groups during focusing the in-focus plane is sharp and the description of the out-of-focus plane does not change which means no degradation of the bokeh effect ... the many high-performance lens elements used in broadcast lenses lenses with ht-ebc boast a high ... high transmittance rate enables the transmission of reds blues and other light that dramatically ... surface thanks to the excellent applicability of the process the entire lens surface can be

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2016 Jaycar Catalogue

fully automatic 15 amp high current charger with maintenance charging of all types of sla batteries as well as lead-calcium batteries from 50 ... connectors to allow for easy connection to existing wiring or use of the included specifications mb-3607 alligator clips or bolt terminals ... ripple back current drain rating dimensions 220 240vac 12 or 24vdc 2a max 12v-15a 24v-7.5a 12v-calcium-5a >75 150mv 300ma max <5ma ip65

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Metrel Instruments & Testers 2016

features • measuring range up to 10 tΩ • wide range of dc test voltages from 500 v up to 10000 v in steps of 25 v • ... to measure insulation resistance by using high dc test voltages up to 10 kv teraohm 10 kv enables ... via usb or rs232 connection with the help of the optional hvlink pro software the high ... test voltages from 500 v up to 10000 v in steps of 25 v • withstanding voltage testing of

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Compact fans for AC, DC and EC 2016

of the fan speed via an integrated sensor the depending on the number of poles of the motor 2 3 or 6 pulses per ebm-papst provides on request many fan ... delivered quietly wherever there is need for power with a wide range of dc fans with separate control input ebm-papst and reduced noise fans ... information dc axial fans the main applications are units that require load- ... its programmed intelligence speed profiles or systems with minimum standby

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OCEWD 2016 Course Catalog May - August

courses on-demand ocewd’s course offerings change frequently in response to community and employer needs we are ... technologies in an effort to develop a skilled workforce we can offer any previously offered course if there is enough enrollment to fill a ... class if you are interested in one of these on-demand courses please contact the industry program ... coordinators for more information business and professional studies › › › › › › ›

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2016 Course Catalog

ups overview of oil and gas production systems pumps tank systems application for dc ups troubleshooting pump and tank systems • battery banks ... course offerings immersive learning programs audience competency ... management maintenance of ups electrical technicians maintenance planners ... 2 days this 2-day course covers the principles of grounding and how grounding systems operate to

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ebm-papst North America

we work to continually improve the material and simple speed control of a dc motor energy resources but that’s not all in addition to the ... sustainability is the center of our greentech philosophy ebm-papst ec technology ... and sustainability have always been at the core of our thoughts and actions for decades we have ... but strict what is ec technology at the heart of our ecologically friendly products is our award

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BTX Electroporation & Transfection 2016

free 800.272.2775 • local guides guides electroporation is the application of controlled direct current dc electrical pulses which are applied to ... general optimiza tion guide electrofusion is an expansion of electroporation using ... together or “aligned” by the use of an ac pulse which causes charges to form on the ... membrane dielectrophoresis resulting in alignment of cells or pearl-chain dimer formation following

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Electrophysiology & Cell Biology 2016

optimization guide electroporation is the application of controlled direct current dc electrical pulses which are applied to ... electroporation is the controlled direct current dc electrical pulses which are applied to living ... cells and tissues for a short duration of time the pulse induces a transmembrane potential ... which causes the reversible breakdown of the cellular membrane this action results in the

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FST4000 Displacer type Level Transmitter 2017

new generation of torque tube fst4000 series displacer type level transmitter general ... transmitter with intelligent data processing function through 18 years of field proven experiences accumulated by the existing model fst3000 ... by adding such features as sil2 compatible functional safety atex flameproof and field bus communication of foundation fieldbus varieties of

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MA-920 Series Metal Tube Variable Area Flowmeter 2017

field sensor 5 indicator transmitter adc12 6 fittings position of shape of magnetic float field ③ ② ① tokyo keiso co ... 100 l/h nor max 2.2~22 m3/h nor 10:1 rangeability of the meter with the full scale range smaller than ... when the connection is flange type material of high pressure type is sus 316 process connection ... 3 2 digit lcd indication by industrial unit or of full scale accuracy indication and output 10 l/h

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MX Series Metal Tube Flowmeter (250 mm type) 2017

of power source float terminal load ●maximum process temperature of explosionproof version t5 t6 temperature class t4 — not more than ignition ... with intelligent 2-wire transmitter is added to flameproof lcd local indicator ● current output ... specification · power supply the location of magnet housed in the float is detected directly ... part except the float leads to the low cost of wiring connection the instruments are used for

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TF-4000 Series Thermal Mass Flowmeter (Digital Indication type) 2017

has been developed by our long experience and the accumulation of technology for the thermal mass flow measurement low price but ... can be controlled at the remote place the power supply is 12 to 24 v dc ce marking has been obtained for the fixed type indicator this ... thermal mass flowmeter can be used for the various applications features ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ indicator digital indication ce

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UCM-04A/06A Ultrasonic Flowmeter for small liquid flow 2017

19200 bps multi drop max 32 ✽ addresses are set by configuration software ucm –□□ a –□□⠡ ... supply analog output alarm output communication polarity color 24v dc white red dots – 0v dc white black dots dc 24v pink red ... dots – dc 24v pink black dots dc 24v orange red dots – dc 24v orange black dots dc 24v

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UW5000 Series SOUNDMAX Ultrasonic Levelmeter 2017

slurry and solid level continuously uw-5000 can be used for wide range of application and measuring span with variety of sensors the ... combination of the high efficiency sensors as well as state of the art signal treatment and evaluation based on years of experi ... to be judged uncertain to measure by ultrasonic technology uw-5000 offers either integral or remote sensors by application simple push button

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TXn Series Power Amplifiers 2017

stable operation at 2 ohms when speakers are connected in parallel often the case with subwoofers or line arrays stability at lower impedance ... becomes extremely important the actual impedance curve of a speaker unit is complex and its load varies greatly depending on ... frequency the actual impedance of a speaker is often lower than its nominal impedance under certain frequencies putting

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Technical Data & Applications 2016

relay which when its coil is energised operates one or more sets of contacts that are able to carry currents of sufficient magnitude to ... switch power equipment such as large banks of lights highly inductive lamps motors and large solenoids the current ... to the contactor’s coil selection criteria the correct choice of contactor depends upon a number of parameters within the intended

Power supplies 2016

system installations for an optimum power supply and the highest level of machine availability industrial power supplies and modules for load ... in the cabinet a reliable and machine-independent power supply is part of an efficient sensor system psu switching power supply units have a ... maximum efficiency of up to 95 with minimum power loss the combination of the power boost function and current limiter makes it possible to

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