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auto transmission type/car dg250 bw8 bw12 bw35 bw-65/66 th-400 zf 3.6 zf ... ja-xr8-5804 ja-xr8-5804 gearbox automatic transmission s-type later transmission ... notes 1 dg250 overhaul kit contains gaskets lip seals ... provide gaskets and seals for the outer transmission casing only they do not contain ... and filter not included 2 1 2 3 auto transmission application guide dg250 three-band xk- ... 3.4s to 1b.26240 3.8s to 1b.80287 borg-warner 8 cast iron e-type series i ii 420 ... .2 mk x xj-6 series i to engine 7l.8163 borg-warner 12 cast iron v-12 e-type xj-6 series i ... 7p.32897 1977 xj-s to engine 8s.7016 borg-warner 35 3.4 mk ii from vin 181429 3.8 mk ii ... 3.4s from 1b.26421 3.8s from 1b.80288 borg-warner 65 and 66 alloy xj-6 series ii and iii ... six liter xj-12 xjr six cylinder 4 auto transmission control cables dg250 transmission ...

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