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relief these innovative designs provide a convenient secure and stable platform for mounting optics on shotguns §§ §§ §§ §§ §§ available for ... firearms accessories shotgun saddle mounts b-square® shotgun saddle mounts ... are the industry standard for mounting optics on shotguns without having to use a gunsmith perfect for ... slug guns as well as today s tight patterning turkey

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Law Enforcement Defense Security 2012

more wasting a round of ammo to make important sight adjustments law enforcement shotgun field maintenance pack dedicated tools for repairing maintaining le ... bits 3/16 philips bit and magna-tip® choke tube wrench 12-gauge shotgun forend wrench magazine tube/cap pliers 3/8 socket drive t-handle and ... your pistol designed specifically for working le and competition ... pin pusher 12 x24 bench/field gun mat 5 lb 2 oz 2.32 kg wt retail

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Government Law Enforcement Weapons Supply & Maintenance Tools #7

for factory triggerguard and fire-control system substitutes metal parts for plastic for a more solid feel and extra strength durability and ... 500/590 shotgun endplate sling adapter tough no hassle mounting system for shotgun slings high-quality sling adapter installs easily to provide ... for durability fits benelli m1 super 90 m3 super 90 and model 121 law enforcement shotguns a b specs steel black matte finish button 1¼ 3.2cm long x 5/8 1.

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