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Boat Systems 2013

which accept a quick-release coupling for rapid bleeding · the piston rod is made of stainless steel · the cylinder is provided with a ... are fully interchangeable thus enabling the builder and the owner to choose the best possible combination of price and number of steering ... the price but also the higher the number of revolutions the rudder torque always determines which cylinder is to be selected technical data

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Metal Decking

between the roof deck and the adjacent building component deck is to span 1 stationary be used as a permanent form for a reinforced ... 1 ir22 2 or more intermediate 2 constructions loads rib deck ir20 1 to find concrete weight ir20 consult 2 or more manufacturer s catalog ... 43 psf wide deck estimated wr20 2 or more deckrib weight 42 psf 1 total wet load w1 wr18 45 psf wr18 2 or more 3dr22 1 3 negative bending

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2012 / 2013 Aircraft Spruce

scales rotators tire bead breakers cm wp me ha ap lg ep cs in el av to ps bv the aircraft wireless weighing kit is the highly portable ... weighing device for small to medium sized aircraft ideal for obtaining weight from 3 points under ... the aircraft to properly determine cg ratios featuring standard capacities to 22,000 ... greater capacities available this device will be a welcomed addition to your aircraft repair facility or regional airport specifications ·

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Level Measurement Instruments 03/13/2010

and nonconductive process media · accurate repeatable switchpoint due to advanced tip-sensing technology · extremely high chemical resistance ... · two level outputs two-wire current loop detection and solid-state transistor relay · low maintenance costs no moving parts · can be connected ... directly to most plcs · intrinsically safe and dust/ignition-proof models cls100 ... frequency 5.5 mhz dielectric constant 1.5 min temperature range -40° to 257°f pressure vessel range 0 absolute to 2500 kpa 25 bar or 365 psi

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2012 Master Catalog

mechanical filtration cartridge/multicyclone filters clean clear® predator cartridge filters get top-end filter performance with low maintenance ... -flow manual air relief valve and continuous internal air relief work together to maintain optimum filtration efficiency at all times the unit s ... innovative clamp ring design makes it easy to remove and rinse the cartridge and the cartridge s surface is

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2012 Engineered Products

psi signal 12 psi span optional 24 psi · pressure gauge blocks built into the unit · large indicator has scaling to operate in both direct and ... <0.3 f.s · pressure gain 750:1 p · air delivery 29 psi 200 kpa 87 psi 600 kpa 145 psi · air consumption scfm 29 psi 200 kpa 0.18 ... 87 psi 600 kpa 0.53 145 psi 0.88 · temperature range -40°f 40°c to 185°f 85°c · air connections 1/4 npt · gauge port 1/8 npt ·

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Soil - Classification 2011

of 9 constant hue charts displaying 322 colors on a neutral gray chart stock apertures cut between adjacent colors facilitate viewing so that the ... values of cohesive soils lightweight carrying case for easy transport to the field the hand vane tester is an accurate and portable instrument ... soils either on-site or on undisturbed or remolded samples in the laboratory the instrument consists of a torque head with a direct-reading scale

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Materials Testing 2012-2013

-quality materials throughout for long-lasting performance the cell top and base are precision machined from 6061 t6 aluminum and then hard- ... coated and teflon-impregnated for a durable finish to facilitate sample setup the chamber and cell top can be quickly and ... removed by loosening the three knobs that hold the upper assembly to the base the clear acrylic chamber provides a working pressure of 150

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Catalogue Humboldt

consolidation dead weight consolidation testing astm d2435 d4546 aashto t216 and bs 1377 part 5 can be handled with either our manual loading ... · www.humboldtmfg.com dead-weight consolidation frame hm-1100 able to survive in even the harshest laboratory environments the hm-1100 will ... 2.5 63 mm diameter samples the system is capable of producing load up to 48 tsf 4,597 kpa soil lab features include · triple beam ratios

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2012 Performance Parts

properly selecting electronic fuel injection components continued to determine the overall capacity of a fuel pump rated in liters per ... hour l/hr use the following additional conversions do to get l/hr 3.785 us gallons/hr multiply above by 6.009 lb/gallon lb/hr ... 0.5 lb/hp-hr bsfc 60 l/hr pump 95 lb/hr x 0.90 86 lb/hr safe for up to 170 naturally aspirated flywheel hp 88 l/hr pump 140 lb/hr x 0.90

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2011 Tools & Supplies for Engine Builders

springs · 26 l x 22 w x 35 h footprint · 31 lbs · 28mm dia spring adaptor standard see below for other sizes description jobber valve spring ... bench $1699.99 spring adaptor reach 18mm 41/2 $249.99 18mm replacement insert 18.99 23mm 41/2 249 ... valve clearance pressure foot kit new for2011 simulate in-place cam torque on the bench · pressure foot holds camshaft rigidly in place for

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34HL Automatic Temperature Control Valve

first multiple-fixture mixing valv ® description the apollo® 34hl automatic temperature controller atc is an advanced thermostatic mixing valve ... without requiring recirculation pumps like other systems in order to achieve low flow control integral strainers and checks are provided ... these cast bronze thermostatic mixing valves are manufactured to the same exacting standards that have made the apollo name famous for

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Mixing Valves January 2008

apollo model mvb 34b series thermostatic mixing valves are designed to control and limit the volumes of cold and hot water required to ... cold or hot ater supply failure shut-off protection · multiple connecton options to fit your specific needs approvals · asse 1017 ... range mixed water temperature range mixed water temperature tolerance minimum flow rate new =150 psig 1034 kpa =210°f 99°c =120 180°f

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Commercial Catalog June 2011

mixing valves automatic temperature controller atc mvhl 34hl series new from apollo® the ... ® offers fast delivery on the first water temperature mixing assembly to meet asse 1017 and the strict performance levels required by the new ... asse 1069 standard the new 34hl automatic temperature control mixing valve uses proven apollo thermostatic ... control to produce a consistent mix of water from low through high flow range

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Gradation 2011

astm c-115 c-430 machined brass nozzle construction 30 psi 207 kpa pressure gauge standard pipe fittings for mounting on a laboratory ... water line system the wet washing spray attachment is used to control the water pressure and spraying flow during wet washing ... spray nozzle gauge fittings weight machined brass 30 psi 207 kpa capacity standard pipe net 11 lbs 5 kg ordering information ei79-

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Asphalt - HVEEM Stability 2011

for use in hveem stabilometer shipped 14 356 mm long and can be used to make two replacement diaphragms ei88-4100 dial indicator 1.0 x 0.001 ... divisions hveem stabilometer astm d-1560 d-2844 aashto t-190 t-246 ca-301 ca-366 precision pump assembly large pressure ... standards the hveem stabilometer is a triaxial testing device used to determine the stability of bituminous paving mixtures soils and other

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Soil - Triaxial 2011

soil triaxial triaxial cell astm d-2850 d-4767 aashto t-296 t-297 bs-1377 working pressures up to 250 psi 1,700 kpa all ... load transducer tri-flex 2 triaxial cell astm d-2850 d-4767 d-5084 aashto t-296 t-297 working pressures up to 150 psi 1,034 kpa low friction ... piston assembly all around visibility double drainage accepts a wide range ... of platen sizes ele triaxial cells are designed to meet the requirements of the modern soils laboratory.three quick

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Soil - Consolidation 2011

dat i o n ordering information note shown with consolidometer dial indicator loading weights and floor mounting stand not included order ... with cutting specimen ring 2.5 floating ring consolidometer dial indicator 0.4 range x 0.0001 graduations dial indicator 10 mm range x 0.0025 ... mm graduations dial indicator 1.0 range x 0.001 graduations dial indicator 25 mm range x 0.010 mm graduations weight set a includes four 1 kg

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Concrete - ASTM Compression Testers Accessories 2011

with simple data entry dual input and operating modes peak hold and auto stress calculation rs232c output pace deviation bar graph for ... calibration is required after the transducer and adr are connected to the compression tester ei37-4855/09 110-220vac 50-60 hz 1ø ... accessories ei37-4855/10 pressure transducer 0-10,000 psi 0-68,947 kpa range ei37-4855/35 adr data acquisition program ei37-4861/02 portable

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Soil - Permeability 2011

specifications specimen size head assembly base assembly 1.4 35 mm to 4 102 mm diam using optional cap and base sets not included anodized ... -volume change ball valve for lateral port clear acrylic 150 psi 1,034 kpa teflon and stainless steel approx 8 diam x 15 h 203 x 381 mm ... -0695/14 ei25-0695/15 ei25-0695/10 ei25-0695/17 ei25-0695/12 porous stones pack of 2 1.4 35 mm ei25-4461 2.416 ei25-5661 70 mm ei25-6561 2.8

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