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HOLZKRAFT / HOLZSTAR catalogue 2019

the power connector into the mains the pwr led is lit xxclear-cut control panel on front with led display xxremote control with timer function for ... rapid air cleaning edge banding saws to switch on the system press the on/off button the leds stage and pwr are lit press the timer button the leds ... that the air filtering system must be switched off first using the on/off switch to reset the machine press the reset button for approx 5

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SCHWEISSKRAFT catalogue 2019

voltage 3 overload indicator auto display 4 wire feed adjustment multifunctional button 5 operating mode red led 6 torch connection 7 selection switch gas ... 8 water connection return red 9 water connection supply blue 20 10 on/off switch 4 1 3 5 2 10 11 12 7 6 13 8 9 11 step switch coarse 1– ... new syn-mag 353/453 – step controlled shield gas welding systems mig/mag

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CLEANCRAFT catalogue 2019

step position very quiet ›› rota ry switch for continuous power control ›› filt er bag replacement indicator ... dba 50-60 hz 230 v 10 m 230 mbar plastic 400 x 400 x 330 mm 5.8 kg 1 on/off switch 2 foam filter 3 exhaust air filter 4 motor 5 polyester ... quite rubber rollers that do not leave any stripes xxdurable rugged components xxergonomic and practical design xxenergy efficiency class a wet/dry vacuum

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Catalogue 69 2018

two swivel hooks and three rubber covered magnets two on the rear and one on the end which allow hands free operation e245 13mm 1/2” ... be taken where no mains supply is available weatherproof design with on/off rocker switch and 108 super bright leds supplied with mains cable and ... base tool bag is suitable from everyday use by the diy enthusiast to on-the-job professionals it has twentythree pockets for smaller items and is closed with a zip

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AIRCRAFT catalogue 2019

-air 425/20 e – handy mobile universal compressor for use on site piston compressors compact-air 425/20 e 2005470 hos 422 l/min 225 l/min 10 ... holder integrated xxequipped with all safety devices xxfully automatic on/off operation xxpowder coated tank compact-air 425/20 e with folding transport ... transportation xxrubberised carrying handles prevent slipping during transportation xxadditional carrying handle allows convenient carrying of the compressor

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Screen catalogue 2018

st 1011 page code product category page 175 p1 portable transmitter to control 1 automation group or 1 electrical load system 40 176 p18 portable transmitter to ... control 18 automation groups or 18 electrical load systems 40 tubular motor with electronic ... limit switch Ø 35 mm 6 nm 11 rpm 176 p1s portable transmitter to control 1 automation group or 1 electrical load system with sun on/off keys 40 tubular

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Gate&Door catalogue 2018

1 s 9 h default timer1 1 min timer2 10 min 5 10 15 30 45 volo s-radio on off on off man present timer1 timer2 -20 ÷ +55 40x18x32 20 433.92 era ... to the volo s-radio climatic sensor enables lights to be turned on and off by means of the sun sensor timer programmable from a minimum of 0.5 ... protection class ip 20 possibility of connecting a switch for wired control in on/off mode quick easy programming thanks to the dedicated pushbutton

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MyNice 2018

with an integrated radio receiver for electrical loads up to 250 w on/off and dimmer functions kit comprises 4 tt2n receivers and 1 ttx4 built- ... -radio volo s-radio programmable functions mode i up stop down down on-off with man present on-off man present programmable functions mode ii ... 1,000 w/500 va of power can memorise up to 30 transmitters in mode i on off mode ii on/off spontaneous power on timer1 timer2 can memorise up

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METALLKRAFT catalogue 2019

display for motorised rear stop mtbs-d xxcutting kerf adjustment on the front of the machine mtbs-d xxslot guided upper beam xxoperated via mobile ... electrical adjustment of rear stop selector switch for setup or normal operation motor on motor off mains power indicator main switch mtbs 2550-40 d motorised ... steel design xxlow-noise cutting operation thanks to brake motor and gear

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2018 Volvo S90

you with an unrivaled driving experience in fact we’ve focused on electrification and plug-in hybrid technology for more than 40 years this experience ... wheels and the electric motor powers the rear giving instantaneous acceleration and on-demand all-wheel drive with just the electric motor powering the car you ... balance of power and efficiency while pure uses the electric motor only for zero-emission driving power combines the full output of the gasoline engine and

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Grässlin 2018

protection max 2.5 mm2 operating data manual switch channels tampering protection on/off/auto 1 sealable display and format time analogue hands ambient ... 04.36.0011.1 4010940045128 ac 230 v ± 10 50-60 hz 1 va mains synchronised synchronous network frequency – ac 230 v ± 10 50-60 hz 1 va mains ... synchronised synchronous network frequency – dc 24-36 v 45-60 hz 2 va ± 1.5 second /

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PROEL Sound Systems 2015

3 db 40 hz to 20 khz 3 db impedance 60 ohm nominal out level +4 dbu controls on/off pad -20 gnd lift pad 0 -20 -40 gnd lift maximum out level +21 dbu ... indicators power on connectors xlr-m and 1/4 jack balanced phantom power +18 volts dc to +48 volts ... at 1 khz +4 dbu frequency response 20 hz 20 khz 0.5 db general input section controls mic/instr selector input gain 48v phase rev low cut low cut frequency

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Control, Recording, Automation, Monitoring 2018

• selection and editing of the operating languages • configuration and parameterization of the input and output modules • configuration of the central ... -specific process images limit value monitoring with the limit value monitoring one input variable can be monitored compared to a fixed limit value or a ... such as position and value of the switching differential switch on off delay pulse function acknowledgement type and startup alarm

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Electronics 2017/2018

limiting over voltage protection reverse polarity and short circuit protection cable conduit cutouts are provided plus a key lock for tamper prevention includes ... requiring battery backup in the event of mains failure under normal mains conditions the module would power the connected load and charge the battery with ... powered cctv cameras each output is individually fused and can be set on or off via internal jumpers outputs are fuse protected at 1.5a and may be

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Inclusive Technology Autumn Catalogue 2017

▪  2 minutes recording time ▪  volume control and on/off switch ▪  toy/appliance jack cable included ... sound file picture or video on your computer the magic cloud is a soft cushion that connects to a the computer via a usb port it is programmed to recognise when ... ▪ crystal clear digital sound ▪ volume control and on/off switch why not mount your littlemack requires a universal

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Inclusive Technology Catalogue 2017

▪  crystal clear digital sound ▪  volume control and on/off switch why not mount your littlemack requires a universal ... connected lead or wireless infra-red technology you can even use it to control a television or music player press the switch to record sounds and messages using ... and much more ▪ connect toys and use the switch function to control either direct latched timed timed off and opposite modes

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Burkle Sampling products 2017

accuone energyone accessories 4 laboratory pump mains operated 6 5 7 10 11 8 1 2 9 3 ... /energyone charger for battery accu/energyone 6 power supply unit incl connectors for accu/energyone 4 5 7 drive without rechargeable battery/power supply unit price ... thread 3/4’’ 5900-3040 n4 5900-3045 n4 8535-0034 n3 pump station accu/energyone submersible length 50 cm pump station accu/energyone submersible

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Big Summer Sale June 2017

key lock and remote interlock stand floor or ceiling mountable iec mains input dimensions wxhxd 240x165x220mm • • • • • • ... tailor system response to the room with precision the sophisticated microphone section includes great tools such as autoducking which automatically drops ... xlr phono rca for master record zone 6.35mm 1⁄4 jack for headphone dimensions wxhxd 480x175x95mm weight 3.2kg • • • •

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Bulk Bargains July 2017

0.52 switched plugtop glowlight plug plug top • 13a featuring an on/off switch appliances • toallows be switched on • • and ... order code pl0306487 pim_261353 technical data current rating housing contacts terminations 16a 250v ac polyamide ul94v-o brass nickel plated 3x 1.5mm ... mains electrical mains plugs uk mains plugs uk mains plugs quickfit type

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6010A/6011A Multi Function Tester 2018

set    for loop and rcd testing at sockets 7025 lead for insulation and continuity testing 7109 earth resistance test leads1 set kslp5 external earth ... measured loop impedance rcd testing specification and measured voltage specification contact voltage reading accuracy 1.0-100.0v trip current ± 3 of test ... earth resistance ranges 20Ω 200Ω 2000Ω 8205 kew demonstration kit continuity tester insulation tester loop impedance tester rcd tester psc tester