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Reloading tools & accessories 2016

-station automatic indexing for maximum production with a load rate of approximately 600 rounds per hour the quick-change die plate allows ... fast caliber change over for even greater efficiency standard primer pick up tubes ... priming system spent primers are efficiently dropped from the bottom of the press to be captured in a trash receptacle the powder measure is ... b 88910 pro chucker 5 progressive press 86885 dust cover $778.95 $26.45 c b 10 c pro chucker 5 shell plate $47.95 pro chucker 5 die plate

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CED 2012

the ced/daa range ready cleaning kit includes everything needed for calibers ranging from .22 9mm 38 super .40 10mm and .44 45 cal designed to ... x 17 cleaning mat built right into the kit itself the mat itself made of durable pvc material is the perfect workstation for your field ... measures only 8 x 12 x 1.5 and easily stores away inside your ced professional range bag or shooter s back pack the range ready cleaning kit comes

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