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Law Enforcement Defense Security 2012

7x57 7mm-08 7mm rem mag 7mm rem mag 7mm wsm 7.62x39mm 30 carbine 30-30 win 30-30 win 300 savage 300 savage 308 win 308 win 30-06 30-06 30-06 30-06 ... -200-360cn 105-200-358cn 105-200-359cn federal american eagleĀ® rifle ammunition for economical practice with full-strength loads offering outstanding performance at ... 223 rem 5.56mm nato 5.56mm nato 7.62mm x 39 30 carbine 308 win 30-06 30-06 bullet wt type 55 gr fmjbt 55 gr fmj 55 gr fmj 124 gr fmj 110 gr fmj

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Books & Video Tapes 2011

both high power and .22 lever actions as well as bolt action models sections on marlin lyman and marble sights swivels recoil pads and gun cases 6. ... manuals packed with colt pistols photo illustrated parts breakdown and identification along with complete detailed specifications of the arm operation and care ... and shotguns they all contain photo illustrated parts breakdowns and identification along with complete specification of the arm assembly and disassembly

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Government Law Enforcement Weapons Supply & Maintenance Tools #7

barrel that allows safe service pistol use during classroom demonstrations and instruction converts a functional pistol into a non-loading non-firing gun so you ... brightly colored plastic and a different feel makes sure you won t confuse these for live rounds popular with many departments and agencies for ... 4 oz 113 g wt #159-000-030ce rem 870 stock set 9e74a95 94.95 competition electronics pocket pro ii packed with upgrades for ease of use more versatility

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