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BGS Tools 2013-2014

and heat up burner to burning off unwanted grass etc suitable for propane butane gas bottles lpg nozzle diameter 60 mm power 110 kw ... 1,850 ° c gas consumption 7,800 g h hose length 3 m pressure valve not included item 8300 cantilever tool box sheet steel heavy duty ... not included item 8300 cantilever tool box sheet steel heavy duty ... 3301 description 5-piece cantilever tool box length 430 mm 5-piece

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non-slip grip handle a giant weed torch propane cylinder not included if you have a large area to flame this is the ... is attached to a 10 long hose it connects to any standard refillable propane cylinder north american only the 20 lb barbecue cylinder being the ... with instructions and a spark striker pt615 giant weed torch $79.00 e propane cylinder not included flame adjustment valve narrow outlet emits a

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2012 Marine Buyers Guide

.212-216 propeller .212 protective clothing .209 removals .215 respirators .209 rollers .194 ... 99 100 bilge pumps manual .98 clamps .112 deck check valves .102 deck wash kits .102 diverters .110 ... .103 treatments .103 tubing .111 valves .108 vented loops .109 washdown pumps .

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flaming correctly it uses the searing heat of a specially designed propane burner to quickly boil the water in the cells of the plant is ... as brick paths sidewalks or driveways comes with a 10 hose and all valves and fittings required for hook-up to large or small standard propane ... 40 lbs at the top of the shaft there is an adjustable fuel-regulating valve which you turn with one hand while holding the torch with the other a

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-operated venting device removes the sealing sleeve and internal valve stem from propane mapp and 3/4 1.9cm male threaded calibration gas ... vent device carbon filter antistatic wire safety goggles sleeve removal tool and 40 certification tags replacement parts replacement filter ... with forty tags replacement sleeve removal tool it empties and filters the propellant taking the cylinder from a

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Princess Auto Catalogue 277 Fall & Winter 2011

gate hinges 36 44 gate latches .36 gate valves .16 gate wheels .36 gauges 15 ... .262 pneumatic .266 pressure washers .22 propane .3 39 reels 22 138 171 sandblasters ... 7 hvlp paint guns .141 hydraulic control valve accessories 257 hydraulic cylinders 243 244 245

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refrigeration general tools robinair valve core remover installer part no rba14650 item 14650 list $74.00 part ... · cast aluminum heat exchanger · water only boiler · natural gas or propane · fully modulating firing rates · lownox and co ratings · direct ... included with boiler · three sizes 70 90 120 mbh · natural gas or propane · space saving wall-hung mounting configuration · fully modulating

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Tools and Machinery 2010

up to 600 degrees it is recommended for use with butane or propane made from thick woven glass fabric and is completely free of asbestos ... installation radiator dressing and boiler installation the isolator valve wrench has a 22mm hexagon end for tightening or removal of blanking ... plugs and bleed valve housings its cranked design keeps wrench away from radiator edge ... fittings at its opposite end an isolator grabber grips an isolating valve by the screw boss whilst the union nuts are tightened the double

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torch 416 tire chucks 206 gauge 207 inflator/gauges 207 valve cap 206 valve cores 206 valve extensions 206 valve tubeless ... 432 pitch gages 448 pocket slide caliper 447 power bits 453 propane torches 417 pry bar set 434 pullers 445 punches 441 442 ... 181 435 toothbrush welder s 368 420 torch cutting tips 416 propane 417 tank wrench 419 tip cleaners 419 tip refacing tool

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, 27 Unloading Adapters, 32 V Vacuum Purge Pumps, Corken Coro-Vac, 60 Valve Removal Inspection Tools, 127 Valves Adapters for Large Tanks Bulk Plants, 26 ... Pumps, Corken Coro-Vac, 60 Inspection Tools, 127 Valves Adapters for Large Tanks Bulk Plants, 26 27 ... Valves, Angle, 30 Valves, Back Check, 45 Valves, Back Pressure, 67 Valves, Bypass, 67 Valves, ... Combo, 31 Valves, Emergency Shut-Off, 44 Valves, Excess Flow, 46, 47 Valves, External Relief, 27

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