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Tools 2016

9 tools  -  outdoor maintenance saws 18 volt cordless chainsaw 20 volt cordless lithium pole saw •20v max li-ion battery has a longer lifespan and retains its charge 5x more than similar nicd batteries •provides up to 100 cuts of 11⁄2 pine branches per charge •

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Outdoor power equipment parts, tools and accessories 2016

chain saw bars chain saw bar 35 guide bar part number system pole saw bars from archer order no 35 13545 12-d4-cl-sw pole saw bar replaces echo 12a4cd3744 solid sprocket nose bar fits power pruner models pp600 800 1000 1250 ppt260 2400 echo pole pruner saw 12 bar 3/8 lp .043 ga 44 drive links 1272

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Assortment 2015

shrubs and flowers 36 axes 46 electric hedge trimmers 39 branch pruners 47 accu hedge trimmers 40 pruner 48 accu shrub shears 41 pruning

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Garden care 2015

tree parts and shapes the tree crown gardena axes gardena branch pruners gardena gardeners’ saws gardena pruning loppers for felling

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Seasonal 2015/2016 Winter

¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï ¿½ï¿½ï¿½ï¿½ 2 aluminum pruners​ 99 stands 21 in with bold markings and readability up to 50 ft away

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Versatool Pruner 2013

think you need a chainsaw think again the versatool pruner attachment is all you need introduction ready to work designed for trimming pruning and cutting high branches the versatool pruner attachment is suitable for both domestic and commercial settings the most long-awaited attachment in the vers

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Versatool Extension Pole 2013

bringing even the highest branches and bushes into reach it s the one and only extension pole introduction a helping hand the versatool extension pole will make your life easier and rounds out the current line-up of premium attachments that connect to the power heads unassuming but effective the abi

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Chain saws and pole pruners 2015

chainsaws and pole pruners ht 101 pole pruners and accessories available as petrol electric or cordless models 

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Nicholson® Hand Tools 2015

hand saws curved pruner • general-purpose pruner for fast cutting of small limbs • a favorite in citrus groves and vineyards • silver steel® constructed blade with polished finish • easy-to-grip knife-type wood handle trimmed with aluminum screws • full cardboard sle

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Landscaping Equipment Rentals 2015

landscaping a hedge trimmer gas d weed eater with e weed eater with f hedge trimmer g power blade b hedge trimmer c pruner saw 110 v ref code nylon cord description sweeper specifications a jj1000 hedge trimmer mixed gas/21’’ length b jj7590 hedge trimmer mixed gas/7’ length/a

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Big Spring Sale 2015

tools and test equipment spring projects sale sale 4 99 sale 9 99 7 99 folding step stool •unfolds to a secure locking position to support up to 250 lbs •features anti-skid bottom and a slip-resistant step •folds down to 2 for easy storage •step dimensions 12 x 81⁄

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Garden Tools 2014

löwe pruners inventors of the original anvil pruner löwe has been manufacturing ... in germany since 1923 producing a high-quality pruners that are valued by commercial vineyards orchards and nurseries around ... use even for a professional all blades and parts are replaceable anvil pruners cuts branches up to 1Й designed closely after the original lö ... shaped handles fit smaller hands d replaceable blades curved anvil pruners this innovative design combines an anvil-style cutting action with a

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Early Garden 2015

tricky technique its size and flexibility make it particwith hand pruners you stoop headfirst into ularly adaptable for sawing at odd ... ed726 repl blade 4.95 09a03.80 pocket chain saw $14.50 felco® pruners felco of switzerland is probably the world’s most highly ... regarded manufacturer of hand pruners if b löwe curved anvil loppers you have ever had the misfortune of

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Winter Home 2015

with extension-handled overhead tools such as paint rollers and tree pruners assorted colors al120 backsaver grip® $11.95 e be attached to the

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Fine Woodworking Tools 2014 – 2015

of products for the garden the kitchen and around the home along with pruners digging tools pest control supplies push lawnmowers and watering

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Tools & Weed Control 2014

zenport pruners zenport a great bargain with a lifetime warranty zenport industries ... accompany prolonged pruning work this is the top-of-line for zenport pruners both cutting and anvil blades are not riveted so they are easy to ... sharpener unique design allows the user to sharpen the entire blade of pruners and scissors soft-feel non-slip grip built in hand guard cleaning ... 0.25 lb $11.99 order toll free 888 784-1722 pruners 15

Bare Root 2014

our best selection pruners felco no 2 the original felco pruner almost unchanged for over 30 ... pz001 8.5”  75 lb $29.99 26 pruners zenport euro style ergonomic pruner #8 1” diameter cutting ... $18.99 get at those hard to reach branches long reach pruners iabi fiskars telescoping 12’ pruning stik® tree pruner

Versatool 2014

the versatile garden tool you’ve been waiting for with honda’s incredibly versatile new versatool you’ll be able to tackle pretty much every job that needs doing in the garden with just one tool available in a choice of two exceptionally reliable 4-stroke honda engines the versa

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Honda Power Equipment 2014

versatool attachments brushcutter • • • a powerful choice designed for cutting and clearing making lawn maintenance easy ergonomically designed easy-grip loop handle durable tap-and-go nylon line head makes light work of even the most stubborn of grass and weeds rrp 199 pruner â

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Watering 2014

6 lb $29.99 core trimmer organic weed control the best pruners since 1976 grow organic for life solo 2 gal spritzer sprayer

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