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2019 Tire

deep shoulder sides maximize wet grip while slick center maintains solid rubber contact • progressive tread pattern extends mileage performance .. tread for optimal performance on front or rear wheels and a tubeless design that’s compatible

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HOLZKRAFT / HOLZSTAR catalogue 2019

xxvertical design for splitting short pieces of wood xxrobust and solid design xximpact-resistant and scratch-proof due to premium powder .. 400 v models xxconvenient to transport thanks to chassis with large rubber wheels as factory standard xxspace-saving storage due to easily .. thanks to chassis with large wheels as factory standard xxspace-saving

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UNICRAFT catalogue 2019

even heavy loads thanks to super quiet aluminium steering rollers with solid rubber tyres and tandem fork rollers made of polyurethane xxprecision ball .. of polyurethane xxprecision ball bearings in all wheels and rollers m 800 m phw 2506 k 1 150 mm phw

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Accessories Micra 2025.03.19

-br02a 17 alloy wheel 40300-5fa3a center cap 40342-br02a lighting solid white ke280-5fabb glaze white ke280-5faaa trunk foglamps for visia .. mats trunk entry guard ke967-5f020 reversible trunkliner ke965-5f0s0 rubber mats ke758-5f001 for smartphone airvent mount ks289-avmbl smartphone .. nissan genuine accessories alloy wheels shark fin antenna 15 alloy wheel

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2019 Trike Kits & Accessories

–2003 sportster models $220.95 17-157 fits 2004–2006 rubber-mounted sportster models $222.95 17-158 fits 2007–2015 fuel injected ... tubes are made from 23/8 diameter thick-wall tubing the cnc-machined solid steel gear housing holds us-made dana 44 spider gears also featured ... kits frames lighting accessories wheels brakes gas oil tanks sheet metal ... fork tubes and 19 or 21 front wheels only 02-227 5° trees for bottom

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2019 Engine & Electrical

-designed and made by old-stf cycles and sold thru paughco these solid brass 4-piece clip sets add cool styling to those old school bobbers .. chrome nuts not shown $41.95 704c2 brass seals not shown $19.95 rubber band steel conversion nipples/o-rings 704arb fits 1940–1954 .. spin-on oil filter gas oil tanks wheels brakes fits 1982 thru 1986 4-

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Front Suspension 2019

damper kit for stock and most aftermarket risers 746316 polished solid handlebar mount kit 746317 black solid handlebar mount kit 747728 ... s pan triple trees are just as their leda triple trees 34mm thick solid billet aluminum but feature even more sleek fluent lines and smooth ... sportster and dyna models work with the stock steering lock the stock rubber handlebar mounting bushes must be shortened by 6mm or you can use the

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Foot Control 2019

design found on the flhrc road king custom these boards feature rubber pads to isolate vibration and three chrome bands to enhance their ... the looks of the famous liberators with today s comfort they feature rubber inserts for vibration-isolation and a long comfortable ride genuine ... black oem 51400-08 51402-08a 055371 chrome 055374 pair replacement rubber pads oem 51403-08 intake feature anti-vibration rubber bumpers for a

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Handlebar 2019

also on our old style springer forks the flanders style risers feature rubber inserts to minimize handlebar vibrations a 745876 dog bone riser set ... tank instrument oil tank filter line detonator riser for springers solid-mount handlebar kit rsd cafe nostalgia mega risers get your bars up where ... that looks at home on a club bike ultra narrow glide chopper or this solid damper set is specially designed for use with high bars and/or risers

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2019 Parts & Accessories for Indian Motorcycles

design for better road clearance when cornering • machined from solid blocks of 6061-t6 billet aluminum • direct replacement for ... any application • cast from quality aluminum with premium epdm rubber • male-mount footpegs have joker’s exclusive pitch ... 1620‑1711 1620‑1708 • fully cnc-machined from solid 6061-t6 bar • wider foot surface for a comfortable ride •

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Electric & Light 2019

for use with oem 67725-63 39mm and 41mm front forks vintage 160011 rubber vibration ring headlights feature e-approved 5 3/4 oem 67719-63 .. housing is machined from an impressive 16 kilo weighing block of solid billet aluminum it has an integrated visor and bottom mounts comes .. primary transmission final drive wheels tire brake foot control handlebar

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Exhaust 2019

evolution bigtwins.sold in sets 237358 torke valve set muffler mount rubber for touring models electric light an exact reproduction of the stock ... muffler mount rubbers as found on all touring models 1985 to present we recommend to ... replace the stock rubbers when you install new mufflers as it is usually a pain in the you- ... the old ones sold in packs containing 2 units 351496 muffler mount rubbers for touring models biltwell dragpipe end caps oem 65724-85 solid

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Engine 2019

rocker cover seal set mirrors this panhead d-ring is made from a solid steel core fully encapsulated with a thin layer of high-temperature .. nbr rubber to ensure outstanding torque retention for a superior seal to stamped .. 1984 to present oem 16777-94 intake wheels tire 231553 head and base gasket

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Final Drive 2019

this ratio by only 2 percent to a ratio are machined from a block of solid of 2.24 aluminum and than perfectly polished or chrome plated the 8 .. 2009 to present flh and flt series touring models without loosing the rubber cushion in your driveline has the same 68 teeth as stock pulleys and .. flstn flstsc and fxstd final drive wheels tire pm rear belt pulley for 2009

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Alphabetical Index 2019

off 05-059 cover 05-058 push button switch 05-056 rebuild kit 05-059 rubber boot 05-053 solid mounts 14-037 solo luggage rack 01-028 solo seat ... 064 19-069 to 19-072 cable 19-072 19-073 -clip 19-074 -guide 19-074 -rubber boot 19-074 connector 04-081 cover 19-054 drive 19-072 to 19-074 - ... cover 19-074 -gear 19-073 knob 19-054 mount 19-055 19-072 -rubber 19-053 19-054 relocation bracket 19-064 19-068 19-069 rocker box

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Gas Tank & Instruments 2019

gas tank mounting hardware luggage audio more seats exhaust rubber mounts for sportster gas tanks these are exactly the same mounts as ... supplied with all our rubber mount sportster tanks great for custom jobs or when you have lost one ... in your rebuild project 345286 rear mount with rubbers 345287 front mount with rubbers electric light colony gas tank ... flat-side gas tank on your early style 4 speed big twin frame the rubber isolation will prevent the damage of leaking fuel by breaking welds

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Chassis/Frame & Shocks 2019

for cylinders up to .200 taller then stock these rigid frames have solid steel welded front and rear motor mounts with offset in the ... bolts right in without any modification or spacing the welded-in solid steel transmission plate is designed to take an evolution softail ... evolution big twin or twin cam 88a engine with the matching touring rubber mount transmissions they accept all sheet metal forks and suspension

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Oil, Chemicals & Tools 2019

wheels and foot operated hydraulic jack the platform is covered with rubber pads specifications folded height 3 1/2 90mm lifting height 15 3/4 ... working on motorcycles atv s snowmobiles etc the handy lift is made of solid steel and is powered by air required air pressure is 100 psi 7 bar ... comes complete with heavy duty wheels and foot operated hydraulic jack ... primary transmission final drive wheels tire brake foot control handlebar

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Hand Controls 2019

hand controls apparel seats touring foot controls solid-mount handlebar kits kits eliminate rubber-mounted handlebars and fit ... or risers 14921 fits all big twin and sportster models from 73-17 with rubber handlebar bushings 14922 fits all big twin and sportster models thru ... worn-out bushings or when installing new front ends includes four rubber bushings with chrome cup washers and two 1/2 13 studs with chrome

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Foot Controls 2019

shaped footboard with the comfort of today’s vibration isolated rubber mountings designed for long comfortable riding kit includes left ... right footboard pans and matching rubber inserts fits 80-17 flh/t 86-17 fl softail models 688850 black half ... 26559 rectangular floorboard upper plate with pad sold each driveline solid floorboards for fl models chrome plated floorboards with solid mount

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