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Rotary tables, indexing fixtures, tailstocks, stationary lathe chucks 2015/2016

klauenkästen box jaws satz à 4 stück set of 4 pcs 2.4 klauenkästen box jaws typ type a mm material steel ... available on request hb4-160 satz à 4 stück type hb4-160 set of 4 pcs höhe height mm backenhub jaw stroke mm max spannkraft max ... eur 29-hb4-160 3.298,90 hb4-189 satz à 4 stück type hb4-189 set of 4 pcs höhe height mm backenhub jaw stroke mm max spannkraft max

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Buffet & Salad Bars 2016

june 2016 © central products llc thurmaduke heavy duty hot food tables set a different temperature for different foods in each well • ... constructed of heavy duty stainless steel • bottom of unit is enclosed on three sides except portable electric units have ... sliding doors on operator s side • 36 h including adjustable legs or casters as noted optional accessories including carving

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Dinnerware 2016

even more festive look by mixing and matching multiple colors in one table setting carved items are accented by waved etching uncarved items are ... process during formation builds strength into the entire surface of the glassware can be served with hot or cold food dishwasher safe ... sold only by the case of three dozen model description case pack 1-2 3 186-092 186-093 186-094 ... 50.39/cs fax modern square shape and large serving area for any type of food withstands rough treatment of every day use simple style

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Outdoor Furniture 2016

seating can be quickly rearranged or moved to storage endures most types of weather chairs and bar stool are lightweight aluminum construction ... uv resistant melamine seat and back in black tables have a scalloped pattern stainless steel top ... aluminum foot and post except bar height tables feature a steel post for added stability tables ... 39 h aluminum 21 wx19 d 11 93.99 standard height tables 29 h round 24 diam 40 97.49 round 28 diam 42

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Bakery Equipment & Supplies 2016

that can be adjusted on 11/2 spacing to accommodate different types of pans and trays can accommodate up to 4 additional vari-slides sold ... height pan capacity 18 wx26 d slide spacing 13 adjustable also holds 26 12 wx20 d pans description your ... warranty oval tray and pan rack hold multiple types and sizes of trays in one unit easy to assemble ... and corrosion model 820-006 your cost $1279 steam table pan rack hold pans after prep work conveniently

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Slicers 2016

nsf mandoline food dicer stainless steel mandoline use on top of table or over bowl cubes even soft vegetables like tomatoes ideal for ... usa model description your cost base unit #699-002 includes choice of one of the following 699-002 base unit $249.00 blades 4-wedge 6-wedge 8- ... like tomatoes ideal for fruits and vegetables simply insert food into the funnel ... container below the chute choice of cutting grids allows for 1/8 x1/8

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Hazet Tools 2016

with rebound spring in the shock absorber classification to vehicle types see table or in the internet www.hazet.de → products → tool ... the coil spring when changing shock absorbers suitable for approx 200 different vehicle types c ... max span 309 mm • high capacity of 26000 n • suitable for impact operation e ... jaws • plastic inserts for the protection of the lacquered spring surfaces preventing coil

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2016 Full-Line Qosina Catalog

device used for another application such as intravenous therapy these types of ports flanges mistakes were highlighted in an fda report from 2009 ... connectors back to table of contents connectors iso 80369 back to table of ... healthcare applications qosina carries thousands of stock components including small-bore connectors ... 80369 standard we would like to make you aware of the future changes and are happy to talk to you

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Technical System Catalogue Ri4Power 2014

ri4power modular system these coupling switch sections are comprised of a riser section and a circuit-breaker section for acbs if two busbar ... a separate riser section will not be required due to the similarity of the two section types the following selection criteria are virtually ... section the following parameters must be known for dimensioning of the coupling switch sections for air circuit breakers acbs 䡲

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2015 Cooking

represent the most economical choice absorption examples for different types of cooking cooking levels power kind of cooking examples 1-2 50-130 w ... commitment of energy by contrast as can be seen in the table most types of cooking require low power 163 ... the advantages of the induction technology control ... control are peculiar features of induction cooking the nine ... with additional powerboost options offer a wide spectrum of possibilities

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Management & Discipline - Special Needs & Inclusion 2016

3 the three pillars part ii preventative procedures chapter 4 the four types of disruptions abcd chapter 5 the abcd tally chapter 6 preventative ... wants what he wants and wants it now offers advice for the different types of problem parents and what to do when nothing else works 144 pages ... cacy • converts avoidance of failure into self-confidence ... win-win discipline table of contents part i what is win-win

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Musics 2016

memory energizes sluggish learners and makes lessons fun for students of all ages inside these pages are practical tips and suggestions ... research that supports music’s beneficial effects and lists of songs choose the right music every time 80 pages djttt • $25 ... series by award-winning publisher/teacher sara jordan honored as one of the “10 top teachers” by canadian living magazine sara

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Tools 2016

99.00 rotozip bits variety of rotozip bits for cutting and routing all types of materials mcm part 22-10312 22-10316 22-10318 22-10319 22-10322 mfr ... and new flat belt provides three spindle speeds of 1,800 4,700 and 8,500rpm allowing triple torque ... lower speeds •headstock height adjustment of up to 5½ using a clamp lever •work ... table is made of polished die-cast aluminum and the column is

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Industrial Hose Products 2016

may be satisfactory for general reference but since there are several types of pipe thread it is best to use the notations as given by a recognized ... into common use for denoting pipe threads some of these are iron pipe threads ipt tapered ipt ... as given by a recognized standard ansi b2.1 the types in this standard which are used with industrial ... are listed later in this section compatibility of threads and method of sealing determine which

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Heavy Duty V-Belt Drive Design 2014

table no d14 table no table tableno no d15 e dimension in width of band of belts on deep grooved and standard sheaves in v-belt section groove ... minimum c 5.5 d w where d the outside diameter of the large sheave w the width of the band of ... belts from table no 90 eighth-turn drives are also included in ... chosen which will give a minimum center distance of formula formulano no.d9 designing a quarter-turn

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Automotive Hydraulics & Fleet Hose 2016

only through equipment dealerships clamp collars are common on many types of construction equipment the collars are actually crimped onto a .. for a specific hydraulic hose is provided in table 1 1 measure hose s outside diameter at the .. with a dial caliper 2 measure wall thickness of clamp collar with a dial caliper 3 obtain crimp

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PowerGrip GT3 Belt Drive Design 2014

removal extremely difficult 1 release belt tension and lift belts off of sprockets note do not pry or roll belts off 2 loosen and remove cap ... tapered bushing barrel and the sprocket hub bore of all oil paint and dirt note lubricants are not ... onto shaft without bushing 2 determine the type of mounting that will be used c insert a screw ... the recommended torque level in the following table is reached note when mounting sprockets on

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Light Power and Precision Drive Design 2014

turning over on properly maintained drives when subjected to various types of load fluctuations and vibrations the ribbed overcord of the belt also ... polyflex® jb® belt drives advantages of joined construction the actual size of a ... rigidity subsequently there is a possibility of turning over fig 19 when subjected to a ... fig 20 joining the strands limits the possibility of a belt turning over on properly maintained

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Precision Tools 2016

heads starrett has also designed and manufactured many special types of micrometer heads for widely diversified applications requiring ... these tools are useful in driving positioning tables directly without an intermediate connecting ... cannot be tolerated or where there is risk of distortion when spindle meets work – as ... in measuring soft or elastic materials spindle wear is also

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The story of the Company - A century in motion 2015

2 leather rubber plastic profile of a metamorphosis 1958-1982 chemical technician but was interested in ... after coming up with a way to reconvert a part of the existing machinery to produce conveyor belts ... the rubber parts continued to dedicate most of his energies to development of these products in ... time especially starting in the second half of the seventies when it became clear that the

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