Terms of service (TOS)

These terms and conditions are an agreement between the operators of this website (hereinafter "operator") and visitors to the website ("visitor"), as well as the rights owners and distributors of catalogs ("catalog distributor").

Agreement between operator and visitor

The website of the operator in the sense of a catalog search engine is neither complete nor up to date. Therefore, products or services can be found that possibly no longer exists or their performance and price are no longer current. The visitor must understand that all the catalogs are from third parties. The operator only returns results from the catalogs and has no relation to their contents. All details are without guarantee and every liability is excluded. An improper operation - which includes everything besides looking up catalog information - is prohibited and might be chargeable. The operator is not able to fulfill orders or provide support. The visitor shall directly contact the catalog distributors unless it concerns a legal or technical issue for example a copyright infringement.

Agreement between operator and catalog distributor

Catalog distributors bear all responsibility for a catalog and its contents and are therefore liable for all damages caused by a catalog. It is up to the operator to decide how and when a catalog is displayed. The operator can remove a catalog at any time and without prior notice.

Last change: Saint Gallen, April, 1st 2008